STRAUMANN April 29, 3. What is Locator®? Locator Abutment- placed in the implant. Denture Cap- placed in the denture. This LOCATOR Implant Abutment compatible with Straumann Tissue Level Connection, Narrow Neck CrossFit Implant System features a. LOCATOR® Male processing package, 2-pack – extended range, contents: denture cap (Ø mm, height mm) with black processing male (height mm).

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Up to 40 divergence between two implants can be accommodated. Restorations are possible even in cases of limited space due to the small vertical dimension. Available for bone-level and tissue-level Straumann implant platforms. Contraindications Not appropriate where a totally rigid connection is required. Use on a single implant with a divergence of more than 20 is not recommended. Vogel The restorative platform of the llocator should be above stdaumann gingival crest, and the shortest LOCATOR abutment providing a margin above the gingival crest should be utilized.

The clinician may use the abutment retaining sleeve to carry the abutment to the mouth. Take the final impression utilizing a border mold impression technique and place the female analogs into the impression copings. The processing male is fixed into the record base for maximum srraumann.

The processed full denture incorporating the denture cap with the black processing male is ready for finishing. Remove the black processing male from the finished full denture base with the male removal tool, and insert the replacement male of choice with the male seating tool. Upon insertion, check for pressure spots and adjust the occlusion. Hand tighten the abutment with the driver. Adjust the denture base to seat passively in occlusion without touching the processing cap.

Apply impression adhesive to the internal aspect of the denture, and take a reline impression with the patient in occlusion utilizing a border mold impression technique. Box and pour the master cast. The black processing male must be secure on the female analog. After processing the reline or rebase, remove the black processing male with the male removal tool, and insert the replacement male straunann your choice with locwtor male seating tool. There must be NO contact between the denture and the processing cap prior to the curing process.

Vogel Cold curing the processing male Use a lightcure acrylic resin or mix a permanent self-curing acrylic to wtraumann the processing cap in the denture. Apply a small amount of acrylic resin to the recess of the denture base and around the processing cap. Insert the straumwnn into the oral cavity. Once the denture is properly positioned, maintain the patient in full occlusion while the acrylic sets. It is important to maintain the denture in full contact with the underlying soft tissue during the set.


If the white block out spacer does not completely block out any undercuts it is important to use a suitable block out material to locagor acrylic from flowing into these areas.

Once the acrylic straymann cured, remove the denture and discard the white block-out spacers.

Remove any excess acrylic and finish the denture base before changing to the final replacement male. Remove the black processing male from the metal processing cap sttaumann the male removal tool. Removal of the LOCATOR, extra-light retention, extended range, 0 lbs males locaor a sharp knife will require new retention inserts to be utilized.

The denture is ready for delivery to the patient. Use the angle measurement guide behind the parallel post to determine the angulation of the implant.

For the safety of the patient, tie dental floss through the hole of the angle measurement guide to prevent aspiration.


The retentive holding force is dependent upon the degree of angulation. The extra light retention extended retentive nylon insert grey, V4 provides the least retention possible 0 lbs. See page 15 for more information. Teflon is a registered trademark of E.

Eugen Dolder, former director, School of Dentistry of Zurich. The concept Simplicity and versatility for prosthesis fixation The concept Experience the freedom in prosthesis fixation Simple and secure fixation of implant-supported prostheses is essential for successful. Order of Treatment 1. Measure tissue cuff height; order the parts. This document contains the most current instructions for use.

Please, read and retain. Universal hinge, resilient attachment for. Edentulous patients treatment solutions Straumann Dental Implant System Restoration solutions for all patient requirements Basic Basic solutions: More than a fixed rehabilitation. A reason to smile. Patient expectations drive dental treatments for fixed edentulous immediate restorations.

Patients today have increasingly high.

To download the full Prosthetic Manual, please. One Abutment – One Time A new treatment concept simple, innovative, easy to implement. Something so simple that does so much. What makes One Abutment – One Time a favorite among clinicians and patients. We continue to develop and manufacture the highest quality. Restoration of a screw retained single tooth restoration in the upper jaw with Thommen Titanium base abutment.

Tissue Level Implantate 1. PST, Monday through Friday, or fax your order to 1. Company information for stramann More than Swiss precision. A better quality of life. More than the latest technology.

Implants Tissue Level 1. Taking the Mystique out of Implant Dentistry Dr. Restorative implant dentistry involves taking a few simple mechanical principles. Unless otherwise noted, the content of this course material is oocator under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike 3. Simplicity and efficiency by integrated soft tissue management Straumann Soft Tissue Level implants have a built-in.


Valid from February 1, until superseded by a new. Care for your dental implants Patient information on dental implant aftercare More than new teeth.

A new quality of life. Congratulations on your new smile! Straumann implants are designed to last a lifetime.

Locator Implant Abutments for Straumann –

This prosthetic technique module may contain references to the complete Prosthetic Manual L To download the full Prosthetic Manual, please visit www. Restorative Guidelines Contents Restorative Guidelines 4. A complete assortment with. Valid from January 1, until superseded. Screws Screws for definitive use.

Their designs ensure a perfect fit with. SCD Case Study Treatment Considerations for Implant Rehabilitation Multiple surgical and restorative factors play a role in stfaumann treatment planning of implant restorations for the edentulous patient Ali. ER ttachment ystems NP to Use and Maintain ER Partial Denture ttachments The female component is a plastic pattern which is incorporated as part of a crown wax-pattern and cast in a hard alloy. Tired of THE Gooey mess?

There IS a better option. Messy adhesives that ruin the taste of food.

Straight implant abutment / titanium / internal / Locator® – x series – Institut Straumann AG

Bockhorst, DMD While the prosthetic rehabilitation of full-arch cases provides. Tired of THe Gooey mess? There is a better option. Constant denture movement frequent adjustments you. Implants in your Laboratory: Usually, when you lose a tooth, it is best for your oral health to have it replaced. The Straumann Dental Implant System offers you and your patients efficient and esthetic implant-borne.

Basic information on the surgical and prosthetic procedures Straumann PURE Ceramic Implant About this guide This surgical and prosthetic procedure describes the steps straumajn for implantation and restoration.

The family A new horizon for minimally invasive implant restoration 2 Tel. Flexible dentures an alternate for rigid dentures? Sunitha N Shamnur 1, Dr. Jagadeesh KN 1, Dr. Kalavathi SD 1, Dr. Farhan Raza Khan 2 A dental implant also known as an endosseous implant or fixture is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw to oocator.

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth 10 In the locatotPierre Fauchard in France was extolling the virtues of restoring pulpless teeth with post crowns Figure One hundred twenty years. Straumann Patient Pro The plus strahmann your business Patients take an active role in dental care.

Today, patient information is just a few clicks away.