Foods serve the purposes of nutrition and enjoyment. The “Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz” (LMBG, German Food Law) defines foods as. In , Germany created the Law on Food and Consumer Goods (Lebensmittel und Bedarfsgegenständen Gesetz or LMBG) (Sehat and Niedwetzki ). JZ KG KGaA KostO KPD KritVJ KSchG LG LMBG LwVG MDR MHG MitbestG Finanzgerichtsordnung Gaststätten Gesetz Gesetzblatt Grundbuchordnung.

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The term of office of a member of the Federal Constitutional Court due to expire during a state of defence shall end six months after the termination of the state of defence.

Article 45c [Petitions Committee]. Article 21 [Political parties]. They shall take precedence over the laws and directly create rights and duties for the inhabitants of the federal territory. If a proposal is approved in accordance with the third and fourth sentences of paragraph 3 of this Article, a federal law providing lmhg establishment of the proposed Land shall be enacted within two years after the advisory ballot, and confirmation kmbg referendum shall no longer be required.

If this cannot be done in time, promulgation shall be effected in another gesetzz the determination shall be printed in the Federal Law Gazette as soon as circumstances permit.

Upon the expiration of this period such consent shall be deemed to have been given. Their numerical strength and general organisational structure must be shown in the budget. If for important reasons, especially with respect to the scope of the bill, the Bundesrat demands an extension, the period shall be increased to nine weeks.

Deviations may not violate paragraph 2 of Article 19 and must be compatible with the principles specified in paragraph 3 of Article Article [Persons formerly in the public service].

Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz (LMBG)

The procedures to be followed by Land revenue authorities or, as provided by the second sentence of paragraph 4 of this Article, by municipalities associations of municipalities may be prescribed by a federal law requiring the consent of the Bundesrat. Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany.


Article 12a [Compulsory military and alternative civilian service]. In the case of bills to amend this Basic Law or to transfer sovereign powers pursuant to Article 23 or 24 the comment period shall be nine weeks; the fourth sentence of this paragraph shall not apply.

Any German who is entitled to vote in Bundestag elections and has attained the age of forty may be elected. Any measures taken pursuant to this paragraph shall be rescinded whenever the Bundestag, by the vote of a majority lmbh its Members, so demands.

Prior to the existence of a state of defence, the first sentence of paragraph 5 of this Article shall apply mutatis mutandis. It shall be exercised by the people through elections and other votes and through specific legislative, executive and judicial bodies. Article 87c [Production and utilisation of nuclear energy]. This law may provide that municipalities may establish supplementary or reduced rates with respect to their share of the tax.

If the law provides that such ljbg may be further delegated, such subdelegation shall be effected by statutory instrument. The authorisation shall be for a limited time. Article a [Apportionment of expenditures — Financial system — Liability]. A federal law may provide that it may be superseded by Land law. Article 60 [Appointment of civil servants — Pardon — Immunity].

The Federal Government shall resolve differences of opinion between Federal Ministers. On the motion of one tenth of its Members, or on the motion of the Federal Government, the public may be excluded by a two-thirds majority. Article 35 [Legal and administrative assistance and assistance during disasters]. The state shall watch over them in the performance of this duty.

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Article c [Compensation for the cessation of joint tasks].

Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz (LMBG)

This principle shall be satisfied when revenue obtained by the borrowing of funds does not exceed 0. Article 17a kmbg of basic rights in specific instances].

In each Landcounty and municipality the people shall be represented by a body chosen in hesetz, direct, free, equal and secret elections. The third sentence of paragraph 2 of Article 72 shall apply accordingly. In case of dispute concerning the amount of compensation, recourse may be had to the ordinary courts.

Religion and Religious Societies. Article [Concrete judicial review]. Article [Federal budget]. The same shall apply to the corresponding functions of rail transport administration.

English PRO pts in category: Article a [Federal grants for local mass transit]. Article 54 [Election — Term of office]. Insofar as federal waterways lie within the territory of a single Landthe Federation on its application may delegate their administration to that Land on federal commission. Details shall be regulated by a federal law requiring the consent of the Bundesrat and of a majority of the Members of the Bundestag. It may also empower it to exercise the rights granted to the Bundestag under the contractual foundations of the European Union.

Article [Continued applicability of law within the scope of exclusive legislative power]. Neither lmby Federal Chancellor nor a Federal Minister may hold any other salaried office, or engage in any trade or profession, or gestez to the management or, without the consent of the Fesetz, to the supervisory board of an enterprise conducted for profit.