Libretto by Michel Carré and Jules Barbier after The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Massenet gives us a Manon that is frivolous, impetuous and. Manon: Libretto [Jules Massenet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). French/English. di H. Meilhac e F. Gillé ; musica di G. Massenet. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Half-title–p. 1; legal notice–verso of title page; “Milano .

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A table near fire-place at right. A sound of wheels. She has left, with a young man! Elles charment le cceur en charmant les oreilles! It is better to use other means.

Des Grieux, traveling home to see his father, catches sight of Manon, and instantly falls in love. What’s the good of economy, When three dices you have, And the road you know To the Transylvania hotel?

When I let myself be carried away with feelings of delight, everything in those ladies seems attractive! A sound of organs in the distance.

Manon and Des Grieux have no money, so she forces him to gamble to obtain some. Ou faut-il vous porter Cousine? To Manon Extremely sorry, but the play was too good.


MANON with infinite tenderness. How now, my friends, pray be calm.

MANON se leve et court vers la fenetre. Voices of Soldiers are heard in the distance. He leaves, having failed to shake his son’s resolve and, alone, des Grieux relives memories of Manon ” Ah! We shall live in Paris! Massejet vile and wretched cur, ’tis a lie. Porte d en- tree a droite, une porte a gauche. And there’s the sound, so charming, That is their fit accompaniment. Ahl chevalier, veillez sur moi! We’ll both laugh at your foolishness!

The upper part of the room is white- washed. Mais ici, quand on le veut bien, Une fortune est vite retrouvee I tremble, I know not why!

Opera Today

The bird that escapes what it thinks is servitude, very often comes back in the night in a desperate flight, to beat against the glass! He is now at St Sulpice and tonight he is to speak at the Sorbonne Vous ne partirez pas. Et c’est ce bruit, ce bruit magique, Et c’est ce bruit charmant, Qui lui sert d’accomjpagnement!

The coach arrives and the passengers get out.

Opera Today : MASSENET: Manon

What a wretched experience! ALL I am first! You shall not open that door! Pleasure and gold thy gods forever must re main; yet, foolish thou art, oh! Allons tous deux, pour y mieux voir, Nous placer pres de la fenetre, Et la nous lirons votre lettre I will not leave you!


Believe me, woman’s a wicked crea- ture! Pourvu que tout cela n’ait pas change son coeur! He is reluctant to play, but yielding to Manon’s insistence he sits down to a game with Guillot, while Manon abandons herself to the gaiety of the place.

Manon – Wikipedia

O sort delectable, Lorsque Ton a faim, De se voir enfin, Devant une table! Don’t budge, be nice, etc. If in forgetfulness He has been able to drive her from his heart. Que deviennent mnaon plus beaux jours, Ou vole le parfum des roses, Ou vont les premieres amours? Shall I drink, At the ford! Je vous propose une partie.

One might say that my life is ending Oh, what madness is this!