Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor. English (US); Español · Français. Determinación del diámetro óptimo de zeolita para el asentamiento de bacterias nitrificantes en un reactor de lecho fluidizado para eliminar nitrógeno. Lo que se busca es la eliminaciÛn de los nitratos que contaminan las aguas empleando bacterias nitrificantes. El soporte que se emplea para que las bacterias.

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Below the plate there were feeding inlets for the effluent to be treated and recycling. Activation and free ammonia inhibition. Then there is a slight increase in the seventeenth day followed by a fall back to values similar to the one of the fourteenth day.

Int J Life Cycle Assess. Identification and qualification of microorganism in activated sludge and biofilms by FISH. Most of the materials, such as sand and clay with irregular shapes and sizes, were chosen to take into account that they were cheap and readily available. The best removal was obtained for the 0.

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Further, TSS value increased to mg. Each mini-digester contained 40 g of zeolite, mL of liquid industrial waste and 72 mL of sludge. This growth extends until not enough lechis interstitial space was available for the bacteria.

Most assays were done three times in order to have well defined average values. Results are shown in Table 4. A nitrogen load speed NLS of 0. June 13 th To ensure a proper implementation of the fluidized bed aerobic reactor a number of biological, chemical and physical parameters such as temperature, pH, microbial support, volume, feeding rate, retention time, and the reactor dimensions and configuration must be taken into account [28].


Therefore, the power of the diffusion pump was enough to overcome the gravitational forces acting on the particles to achieve the fluidization of the system entirely.

Taller de LECHO Nitrificante

It must be noted that particles should not be fragile as because of their continuous movement they can collide and become fragmented, changing their fluidizing characteristics and thus making even more difficult the control of the bed expansion. Environmental Pollutionpp.

However, similar values were obtained for the 0. Nitrification at low levels of dissolved oxygen with and without organic loading in a suspended-growth reactor.

Received in revised form: Navarro and Palladino proved the effectiveness of an aerobic fluidized bed reactor using as support: For the microbial adhesion tests, assemble of 16 mini digesters were used with a volume of mL, for each one of the zeolite diameters Fig.

There is not significant differences in the measured microbial adhesion for the three diameters 0. However, similar values were obtained for the 0. Alkaline media are more favourable for nitrifying bacteria with optimal levels of pH between 7. The installation also had a 20 cm high pyramidal settler with a weir at the top for discharge of treated effluent and a bottom outlet for recycling.

This height was set so that a significant liquid volume was above the bed of particles, thereby enabling work with different fluidizing speeds and thus different bed expansions.

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The adhesion maximum was achieved for the 1 mm zeolite diameter, with a value of 0. References [1] Navarro, A.

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A first run was performed with water to verify the state of the seals and the general operation of each system component Fig. Once confirmed that no leakage or conduction problems occurred, 8 L of the synthetic industrial waste liquid were introduced within the column. It can be seen that there was an almost complete biodegradation of organic matter in all samples for the different diameters, being That made it useful to be included in fluidized bed reactors.

Automatic update in The whole experiment ran for three weeks. Crushing and sieve analysis. Elsevier Science 38, pp. Removal of nitrogen present in the wastewater resulting from domestic and industrial activities is usually carried out combining biological processes of nitrification and denitrification, since costs are lower compared to the physical and chemical processes. Thus a 1 mm zeolite diameter was used in the implementation and operation of the fluidized bed aerobic reactor.

Lechos nitrificantes | Spanish to English | Architecture

June 4 th To determine the mass of the adhered solids the following expression can be applied: Water Research 11, pp. Aeration equipment is critical for this type of reactors as to achieve the expected efficiency a proper air distribution is needed. Applied Geochemistry 26, pp. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.