A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Grotesque by Kirino Natsuo. Life at the prestigious Q High School for Girls in Tokyo exists on a precise social axis: a world of insiders and outsiders, of haves and have-nots. Beautiful Yuriko. “Grotesque” is full of schoolgirls in long socks but blanchingly free of cuteness, a combination we might call Uh-Oh Kitty. Natsuo Kirino started.

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Most of them were hateful, bitter and malicious. It was published in English intranslated by Rebecca Copeland.

Yuriko thinks that after twenty years of whoring she has it figured out: Just stop reading and move on to something else. And then, a page from the end of the novel, the narrator reminds us of it, and actually quotes it!

‘Grotesque’ cuts too close to the bone

I think I liked this novel as it offers a look to modern Japan. Monsters that destroy themselves and others.

The story proceeds Rashomon style, narrated by the sister b a complex tale of class discrimination and sexual inequality. Here are a few favourite examples: Suspension of belief is not really possible in this work.

The lines introducing the passage are: Grotesque is not so much a crime novel as a brilliant, subversive character study. For readers that “willingly suspend disbelief”, this can be a challenge. This book may not be the masterpiece “Out” was, but for anyone who has gone to an elite school on scholarship, striven to remain a petite zero, wanted to excel while recognizing how off-the-mark our values of judgment are, or wondered just how much her body could be worth, reading “Grotesque” is just as powerful an experience as reading “Out” was.

Open Preview See a Problem? Mitsuru graduates from the University of Tokyo medical school but enters an Aum Shinrikyo-like cult and ends up in prison. But the three success-stories didn’t last: Although I dislike the dirty work those girls have to do in order to make a living, I can’t deny I indeed learn another perspectives from them, and that I was forced to acknowledge that there are various roads in life and what those girls did was choose a way of it.


Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino

Japanese published in English jatsuo February 1, When she heard the victim had an eating disorder in high school, she imagined a psychic wound had been lingering from that time.

He alternately found himself loving the narrator, Yuriko’s sister, for her brutal honesty and hating her for her malice and psychological bullying of Kazue.

As if the focus on the former Q High School students weren’t enough, the murderer also enters the picture, and his lengthy autobiographical kiriho is yet another chunk of the book. Another favorite section is Kazue’s journals. She is repugnantly superficial, combining a cold eye with a malicious turn of phrase.

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‘Grotesque’ cuts too close to the bone | The Japan Times

The beautiful person is destroyed but as much by herself as by others. I have to ask this, jus like going to a restaurant and asking if there is shellfish in the kitchen allergy. The book felt like it hrotesque around in circles, nothing ever changed and I found Zhang’s section a welcome reprieve from the bitterness of the main narrator. While the narrator is smart, responsible and plain looking, Yuriko is strikingly beautiful but flighty and irresponsible.

The book is written in the first person for all parts and follows a woman whose sister and old school friend have been murdered.

‘It really is a complete fabrication’

I only wish to suppress my tendency to embrace this conditioned role that generations of patriarchal men before me have played. Because the author gives multiple accounts of the major events in the book the reader can judge what the truth is. There is the dynamic between men who pay for sex and the women they buy. And a sense that this pain would turn into pleasure. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor naysuo judgment of the review as a whole.

This in turn only isolates her more and ends up having jumping from bad job to another bad one. She feels there are people like Kazue who are obsessed with how other people see them and with how to get ahead of others. Her explanation for this curious double life?


All I’m trying to say is that, in fiction, you usually don’t view the oncoming gang rape from all perspectives and follow each and every one of those stalks back to their socially indoctrinated roots of respectability politics. It would be nice to read it in the original Japanese. Natsuo Kirino is an impressive author.

Why would you read something you “seriously don’t care about”? I have definitely read more graphic scenes but they may still be upsetting depending on the reader. It transcends the whodunit and mystifies us with whoami. It’s an awful lot of material, but Kirino and her strong main narrator hold it together quite well. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Part of why I’m making a distinction between the ease in which the prose conveys itself to my sensibilities and the concepts I parse in between is the whole mess that’s involved whenever translation rears its head. Grotesque is an exploration of many things. If that’s the case, read this book, there can’t be a better book for that purpose. How about we instead traverse the lifelines of chick lit beyond that undefined age range of early teens to the liminal space of menopause and delve into the prepubescent rape.

And kifino woman who sells her body hates the men who pay her for it. An angry social commentary on the elitism and misogyny embedded in Japanese society. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Boy meets girl, boy wants girl, girl falls in love, girl dies in a fire so that the boy may be thrust into grrotesque frontal character development via manpain spectaculair, but how about sex work.

There is the dynamic between the rich, accustomed girls and the poorer newcomers at Q High School. As if we could have forgotten! May 02, Ova – Excuse My Reading rated it really liked it.