Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is a big and ambitious campaign setting that harkens back to. Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20) : Home of Knights of the Dinner Table, HackMaster, Kingdoms of Kalamar. Kingdoms of Kalamar: Campaign Setting Sourcebook (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying) [Kenzer & Company Staff] on *FREE*.

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Warfare and Technology described the effects that modern warfare and the rise of steel have had on Tellene.

That implies an in your face, or extremely violent, or edgy. The setting has the occasional interesting feature, but overall it looks bland, stilted and generally unexciting.

Overall, the book has a dry history book feel to it, but it is full of information and I love the political settings. Also it will give them alot of new material to discover. One of the huge problems I had with the book were inconsistencies found throughout. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Most NPCs don’t make it to the chart anyway. Just reading kalamag Tellene’s pantheon of deities will give you inspiration for untold gaming sessions and adventures! Occasionally a nonhuman city is detailed in this section.

Saturday, 21st April, Half orc has niche use; half hobgoblin does not.


Kingdoms of Kalamar

The setting appeared in two books, ” Kingdoms of Kalamar, Vol 1: Removing this from the book and placing it over the maps allows you to have a floating hex-grid to apply kingsoms any portion of the map you need. Tarisato serves as a buffer between Kalamar’s southern border and the Obakasek Jungles.

Climate of Tellene details the climates of each of the major regions of Tellene and the effect that has had on agriculture and commerce. This is certainly not that. In some areas, they are quite rare, and the peoples in such areas believe most unusual and seemingly inexplicable events are a sign from one of many gods. This was before many of the WotC supplements had come out, remember. Groups as diverse as the Secret Network of the Blue Salamander, dedicated to dominating the world, and kingdom Guardians of the Hidden Way, a network of dissidents intent on bringing the Bakar dynasty of Kalamar to its knees, are detailed within.

Instead of different pantheons for each culture and race, each deity is universal. I don’t think that was unreasonable. This isn’t an issue since those won’t be the maps used by the DM. There are some gorgeously colored maps of the world in vibrant blues, greens and yellows. White space is not used kalamarr in this section.

Kingdoms of Kalamar: What is it and does it suck?

The writing comes kimgdoms as quite simple in some places, and the style never really draws me in. Ruins of ancient empires lie buried beneath burning desert sands, and their stories told in smoky back rooms attract brave fools eager for excitement and quick wealth.


However, it suddenly disappears from page thrucomes back on pagedisappears again from page thru Pixies get such good spells, especially for level The Kingdoms of Kalamar is a fantasy role-playing game campaign setting created by Kenzer and Companyoriginally released in At that point I bought it, and consider malamar lucky for taking that second look.

Is the world epic? While the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting is designed as a low-magic, realistic setting where the shadows of war and racial tensions fall, its story is not written in stone.

The Guild Companion: Review: Kingdoms of Kalamar

It provides common names and alphabets for several major languages of the setting. Listing crimes and the common level of punishment for each of them. They only get descriptions of a few paragraphs or so.

The last section is an integrated glossary and index.