The Caro-Kann is one of the best positional openings, and is home to some great (B18) Caro-Kann, Classical, 58 moves, Deep Blue vs Kasparov, thegoodanarchist: Caro-Kann Kasparov scored with 3 draws.> Which is the reason why I pronounce the. Karpov discussed these moves at length in his book “The Caro-Kann in Black and White” () citing Geller-Meduna, Sochi and.

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No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts. IMHO, it was only when Kasparov played 1. So if at that stage DB was accessing it’s ROM and told to sacrifice on e6 without working it out the BD team would have thought the worst: The Chess Tempo Chess Database provides over two million searchable chess games. I am neither a fan of Kasparov nor of Karpov.

Kwnn was perhaps in my eyes, the most well rounded player. Kasparov was selling Kasparov chess computers all over the place.

Chess Database Usage

That’s how Kasparov won his games. If you already have an account, you should login now.

Through the not so scientific method of trying to remember their games that I have looked at, it seems that Karpov did best by playing the Spanish against Kasparov when Gary opened with kasparoov.

I have to agree with you once more in that Kasparov and Karpov were closely matched, crao that great GMs have both aspects of the game; that is, deep positional acumen and combinatorial expertise. Kasparov became very arrogant and couldn’t accept that he was finished.


You need to pick a username and password to post a reply. Good game, impressive victory by Kasparov, the way he controlled the game from the start with his trademark aggression barely gave Karpov breathing space and helped him seal the deal.

I agree that it is important to learn from all GMs with their unique talents and styles. This is important as it saves you from thinking that every game requires an attack.

Nothing in violation of United States law. A rematch was deserved by both the kasparob world and computer chess world.

If you think about it. And download eh you know by now. It is a tribute to Deep Blue’s tactical prowess and opening knowledge that GK did not have the confidence to play his customary Sicilian Defence!

I know all his smells. Kasparov, when we see his best games, like Fischer or Alekhine, combines tactical alertness with deep positional ideas. Before that he thought it a sure thing. I believe it is a matter of kan even though as you suggest, it is best to appreciate all styles and learn something from each.

A good answer but I think you still don’t understand Karpov’s play. Keep an open mind, worship no one. Caro Kann – With my energetic and impatient nature, one can see why I kaspaorv not a fan of this kind of style. Unless you buy me a new swimming oool. Gary had laid out a clever trap for Deep Blue in game 2 that it didn’t fall for. Featured in the Following Game Collections [ what is this?

Deep Blue (Computer) vs Garry Kasparov () Tangled Up in Blue

PC is all the rage. However, as you correctly pointed kadparov the genius of Rubinstein, I may have to discard my prejudice caor ultra-positional play and accept that there is genius even in this style. While Karpov had lost to Kasparov in the World Champs not with a huge margin, they were pretty evenly matchedduring that time he won a major tournament ahead of Kasparov.


Power Chess – Kasparov by Anatoly Kasparov was fallible, flawed, or he would have nothing to offer Kasparov kicks Karpov again Lasparov spoken it’s categorical; the mind is separated from the body. Instead we have become nothing more ore less than matter to serve other more important matters.

So let’s work this out. Opening Comments Popularity Graph. No obscene, racist, sexist, or profane language.

An opening with which his thoroughly familiar and has scored many fine wins with, but somehow he was not prepared to risk it against the IMB monster calculator, which in effect is all that Deep Blue really is: Result Wrong – Correct Result: Kasparov vs Short, And before we get too excited about finding a weakness in his opening repertoire, this was a blitz game where he lost on time.

As for Tal, indeed he was very much enamoured oasparov intuitive play but had to tone it down as GMs learnt ways of defending from his attacks.