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Process similar to conventional heating of the system with siphon end, differing only in the materials used in its manufacture. Alank the shell is responsible to collect the hot water, it is necessary a good thermal insulation, which is found in conventional batteries market, alvino use is high-efficiency vacuum. We use the green bottle just for the cutting of strips in different moorings, described throughout the manual. View my complete profile. There just fold it in a simple way, using the lateral bending of the same Fig.

The use of basic materials available in all regions, is of extreme importance. But for the summer we will increase the reservoir to liters, or disable part of the collectors to prevent overheating. Environmental Sustainability Dish washer vs. Find in Search Engines on Solar Heating and find excellent pages on the subject. Construction and Installation of Water Heater http: I hope this can be an inspiration to all friends of our planet Earth!

Calaméo – José Alcino Alano

To simplify the assembly of solar collector, we need to glue the three pieces of Fig. I wanted to thank Mr.

Blogger December 29, at Reflect and put into practice everything that is good in you, remember that we live very little to lose time with meanness, and that small initiatives today, may have excellent results in the future.


Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Fig. Its function is to monitor the change in water level, seeking always the hottest part. Thank you for visiting! As for the layout of links to electronic control, there are different market models and brands, containing all the Construction and Installation of Water Heater http: Think about the children! In consequence of the results obtained with a design extremely simple and cheap, we felt that we could make a collective destiny, for the conduct of it.

Posted by Ursula Gribel at About Me Ursula Gribel I wanted to bring awareness to all the human and environmental issues we face in a globalized world.

Think, what is become a pest in the trash today, into something useful for all time. Because the bottle without the pressure of steam and support, to receive the hot water is all deformed. And in appliances and electronics, also plastic bags, papers, as an alternative for those who live in urban areas. We paint it with matte black synthetic enamel paint drying quickly allano external and internal, used to iron, wood, etc.

As many of you asked about, here it goes! Even in days covert, but not rainy and depending on the region, can provide satisfactory performance and economy of partial power. Applied in the project a plastic box as a reservoir of liters, but that does not indicate that boxes of other materials laano released, but be very careful and not use containers that contain chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, etc. What do think about biofuels? What Fortunately there is the personal contacts or the hundreds of emails received.

These batteries have the majority of heating aid for rainy days or covert, with electricity or gas, controlled by thermostats that trigger the feature where the water temperature is below the pre-set by the user. For better viewing, set up to follow, step by step with pictures, part of 2 columns of solar collector: The design of the bottle of Coca new yellow cover has changed, so jow maintain the size of the column, merge with Pepsi mod. The application of them in our project offers excellent results, since the combination of such materials, avoids the bend in the temperature that will be submitted to the contrary is to use paper.


If you have a few bottles, and some mashed them and if you want to take advantage of them, alao it and add ml of cold water, zlcino it and take the micro wave for 45 seconds, remove from oven and immediately turn it in horizontal by nos 10 seconds, then leave it standing and then carefully desenrosque the cap slowly to release Construction and Installation of Water Heater http: Newer Post Older Post Xlano. The diagram below details the mixer in an objective: So to avoid inconvenience, being sure of the origin of them.

Jose Alcino Alano

How long does it take to decompose? You might qualify for a new solar program. We have the creativity and good will of all, implementation and improvements in design and each of you to fit your needs, success. Imagine the volume of Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles and other disposable, we can take from the environment, with recycling in the application of direct solar heating, or other existing projects such as the manufacture of tiles, thermal blankets, drainage pipes, etc.

Do not use ink to glow, as will the performance of the collector, since the sun will be partly reflected. Amend a module to another, until five at most, to avoid tension on buses. What Happened to the Rapa Nui Civilization?