Just get a load on these amazing numbers behind the Harry Potter franchise: Twenty years, 18 billion dollars in value, seven books. eight films. Tamil comics – Yaar antha maayavi. Mayavi yaar-antha-mayavi-pdf. Tamil Comics – Mayavi yaar-antha-mayavi-pdf. Upcoming SlideShare. Irumbu Kai Maayavi (Tamil) Paperback Books- Buy Irumbu Kai Maayavi (Tamil) Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews, Free Shipping*, COD.

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Though the editor has announced that there will be four issues per year, I guess it was never fulfilled.

Irumbukkai Mayavi – Crank’s Corner

I am going to start recommending it to people I know interested in world comics. Atleast has seen three issues 17,18 and 19 so far as of Oct I guess the whole artwork mayafi redone for this issue. I do have a special request. I guess the reason for the bad quality print is that the original blocks can no longer be used as they are too soiled and the actual books from Muthu were used for printing the CC.

Pocket size the success formula of Lion was used for the all the issues, except 9!!! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Mqyavi and Privacy Policy. The series was brought to Kerala by Regal Comics and published from Kottayam in the kaj and s.

The character remained in limbo for a number of years until Grant Morrison used The Steel Claw’ s superhero incarnation as well as a number of British heroes from the s in his Zenith strip in AD. Titles mentioned by him are: Spider 8 stories 3. Johnny in Paris Is it really a classic The best irumb the series for orumbu quality is Micro Alai Varisai Because of the pressures of deadlines, these monthly titles saw a variety of different writers and artists employed, usually various Italian artists, most notably future AD artist Massimo Belardinelli.


All the cover scans of comics classics in one place and that too clearly visible even without enlarging. Hi, Really a Nice Collections you have. Panikkadalil Bayangara Erimalai 3.

Write more about our comics. With luv, Sankar C.

Tully wrote the series for the remainder of its run. My Native is Virudhunagar. This page was last edited on 1 Septemberkqi And smudging is also another issue with the pictures. Take a look at mayavvi page form this book below. Kollaikara Pisasu Maayavi Anyway, if you can get the front and back covers of originalit would be amazing.

Louis Crandell jai donned a metal mesh superhero kak for a time during his adventures. The format for 9 was the result of the many overseas old readers asking the editor to print it in the original size. This character is a thief who tries to steal the Claw from a museum, only to have it attach itself to his left hand, and then receives the same invisibility powers, as well as added strength and shock powers in the Claw. I was a big fan i can say I was mad about tamil comics.

Atleast why he has selected the story, how was the response when it was first released, etc etc. As the editor is giving his input in the other two regulars Muthu and Lionhe should kwi give some background info about the CC as well. Grandes Aventuras 1; 2; 3; 5; 7; 10; 12; 14; 16; 18; Imayathil Maayavi Sirupillai Vilayattu Spider irumby. His claw had a number of inbuilt weapons, amongst them being able irummbu fire missiles and gas along with a built in radio transmitter and receiver.

In another laboratory accident, with a new ray, if he magavi a high voltage electric shock from power lines, etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, when Valiant merged with Battle Picture Weeklythe strip transferred to Vulcanfromin a series of reprints.


Marma Theevil Maayavi Thikilootum Nimidangal Lawrence David If you have read up to this point, it means you are interested in the Tamil comics and my posting is somewhat interesting to read. When The Steel Claw was reprinted by Quality Comics, a framing sequence featured Crandell called Randell in this version as an aging secret agent reflecting on his early criminal career. Buster Cheeky Weekly Cor!! Comics Classics was started in late 90s to rekindle Muthu comics Nostalgia for the old timers.

He is now working as part of a group called “Q”.

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The Steel Claw was one of maayvi most popular comic book heroes of British weekly adventure comics of the s and s. This was followed by a one-off special featuring The Steel Clawamongst other s irumb, which was created by various AD creators of the time. The same combination was used in 12 issues of CC as well. Thanks for the encouraging messages for my first post!!!

However I guess CC project would not be shelved any time soon. I would like to collect the comics books again. Reprints further appeared in Barracuda – 9 issues published.

The Steel Claw stories also appeared occasionally in “Mustanaamio” during the early s. Newer Post Older Post Home. And what about Vasakar feedback section????