If you have recently migrated from CourseSmart to the VitalSource platform, To view content offline, you will no longer “check out” your books in the browser. In the technology world, “smart” is often synonymous with “better” or It turns out that what makes a course smart isn’t necessarily the use of. All this data is incorporated into an overall assessment of students’ engagement CourseSmart plans to make it broadly available in

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Android torrent search app? Tony Hursh 9 November, That’s going to enable a lot of spying if the program expands to include more schools.

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For example, some students like to download all the reading assignments for the course all at once. For example, CourseSmart is currently testing a new program called Subscription Tudna flat rate plan for students to get all their textbooks via CourseSmart.

Puzzled 9 November, Have you been doing the assigned reading for your class? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I then had to combine all the separate PDF screenshots into one big one. How can I convert it into a pdf so that I can use a proper reader and expand it to fill the screen as God intended?


Automating download of torrents?

I own the book. He has been blogging about indie authors since while learning new tech skills at the drop of a hat. Earlier this week CourseSmart, which sells digital versions of textbooks by big publishers, gave students a new reason to value anonymity.

The new queue is why half clursesmart mods drink and the other half cry themselves to sleep. Welcome to the torrents subreddit. We only have a few, but they are important. Rules No pirated content.

CourseSmart Now Enables Digital Stalking of Students

Client for seeding thousands of torrents? If so, foxit installs a virtual printer, then you can print the whole thing to PDF. Wish i could be of more help, If you google a bit you will find programs that do what I did. I need something like a YouTube converter where it can pull the flv file from Youtube, but it would have to pull the ebook from their reader. Luckily for the students, CourseSmart has indicated that each student can opt out of having their info shared, though I am going to take that with a grain of salt.

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How to convert CourseSmart McGraw-Hill eTextbook into pdf : torrents

Skip to content Tweet. Can become kinda tedious if you have a very large book. He’s here to chew bubble gum and fix coirsesmart websites, and he is all out of bubble gum. If you’re using a textbook rented from CourseSmartyour instructor will be able to answer that question. The school’s faculty will be able to access each student’s data from the school’s LMS Blackboard, Moodle, etc and identify which students need to be counseled on their unacademic behavior.


YIFY encodes are terrible and should never be viewed so stop posting about them.

They announced a new set of analytics tools which will enable professors and instructors to see the reading habits of their students. Learn how your comment data is processed. Common Post Topics In no particular order CourseSmart Analytics is still in beta, and according to the press release it uses a proprietary algorithm which integrates usage data such as page views, time spent in a textbook, and notes and highlights taken by a student.

Do not request or post torrent links or seed requests. I’ve seen some “just print to file” suggestions from years ago, but you can only print 10 pages at a time now.

Are there legal uses for torrents?