Find Downloads, Manuals, Tutorials, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Tips How to’s, Firmware, Drivers, Software, Problem Solving about HDR-FX Hdr-fx, Operating guide, Digital hd video camera recorder • Read online or download PDF • Sony HDR-FX User Manual. Hdr-fx • Read online or download PDF • Sony HDR-FX User Manual.

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Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. Locating a scene on a tape You c all select manua, value between -6dB You can set the auto white balance and 2 1dB b y3dB.

Indicatorsfor the LCDscreen andviewfinder The numbers ill are reference pages. Latest Discussions Raphael S. For those who have never used Vegas, this is definitely a smart way to spread the word manial a great piece of software that deserves to find its way into more professional environments.

At a resolution of K pixels—versus the norm of K—the new display is a real eye-opener. Checking supplied items Make sure that you have following items Large eyecup 1 p.

Sony HDR-FX1000 Manual

For anyone who was on the fence about whether they could sacrifice 24p for the sake of brand loyalty, that decision no longer has to be made. Copying still images to a computer B Folder containing image files recorded System requirements by your camcorder when no new Is ,anual battery pack always charging while the camera is connected to a computer or the supplied AC adaptor via a USB cable?

You can assign your own: Check the contents of tapes by playing them back on mxnual camcorder prior playing them back on other devices.


This brings a more reliable, intuitive feel to image adjustment, especially for shooters used to working with higher-end cameras and lenses.

Sony HDR-FX manuals

The shutter speed value disappears, appears next to the shutter speed value. Charging Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 – Step 4: You call search scenes by recording dates.

Ajustedel panel LCDy el visor Puede ver imfigenes uti izando el visor para Abra el panel LCD 80 grados 0luego ahorrar energia de la bateria o cuando gfi’elo hasta encontrar el mejor fingulo para imagen en la pantalla LCD no sea clara.

Using your camcorder abroad Displaying the settings in your camcorder Status check Maintenanceand Precautions Maintenanceand precautions Copyrightsignal N Whenyouplayhack If the cassette you play back on your Your camcorder is capable of recording camcorder contains copyright signals, both HDV and DV formats.

Inform them of the 5-digit code, which starts When an error occurs, a warning indicator from “E. Checking Page 17 – Step 2: Two settings profiles, including brightness, color, etc. Connecting to a computer The computer does not recognize your camcorder.

SONY Handycam HDR-FX1000 Operating Manual

About half an inch shorter than the FX1, the FX feels exceptionally solid and balanced, with a more professional and robust build than its predecessor in just about every respect.

Item Description and settings To attach theshoulder s trap Hook for the shoulder strap [] Zoom lever 31 Attach the shoulder strap optional to the hdr-f1x000 for the shoulder strap. Indicators for the LCD screen and viewfinder The numbers in are reference pages. List of Sony offices in Asia Pacific region that provide after-sales service activities.


You call search scenes by indexes recorded at the start of recording p. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Hdr-fx10000. Support by Sony mobile app: Page computer does not recognize your camcorder.

Hdd-fx1000 cannot dub correctly using the HDMI cable. Attaching the lens hood with lens cover To open or close the shutter of the Lens hood with The operation of your camcorder differs 4 Move the subject and repeat step 3.

Other new features include increased low-light sensitivity hdr-rx1000 to hdr-fd1000. Page 23 Whenthepicture in theviewfinder is hardtosee If you cannot see the picture ill the viewfinder clearly under bright circumstances, use the supplied large eyecup.

Cannot use this battery in the Warning indicator Select this when you do not want to miss a recording chance.

The l arger the value, operation under a reddish light source such the h igher the g ain. Playing the picture on a TV Continued: When labeling the cassette Be sure to place the label only on the locations shown in the following Memory Stick Duo illustration so as not to cause a malfunction with MagicGate of your camcorder.

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