Goraksha Shataka is an important Natha work ascribed to the direct authorship of the Guru Gorakhnath. | Yoga Vedanta. Goraksha Satakam. ID: MRE Goraksha Satakam. goraksha_satakam. Books & Manuscripts on this site are not for sale, or for any kind of commercial use. The Goraksha Sataka – Download as PDF ), Text ) or read online. Goraksah satakam vakti yoginam hitakamyaya Dhruvam.

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The word used for letter is Varna in Samskrta means either a syllable or a letter of its alphabet.

The Buddhas also have their Yoga corresponding to the Hindu Yoga. Macchendra — He should come and go in the void and in the void sunn he should collect himself and remain absorbed; in the Sahaja Void the body and the mind remain unchanged. How to integrate my topics’ content to my website? Awakened by the contact of Fire and consciously fanned with the vital breath, she rises along the Susumna, taking with her the Prajiva, as if, it were a thread.

Sindaradrava sanikasam ravisthane sthitam rajah Sasisthane sthito bindustayordikyam sudurlabhan. Urga, Anbhai, Prabhu, Atit.

Goraksha Satakam

Thus far having discussed the origin of Susumna, we now proceed to discuss its course. Macchendra gorakwha The young person bala enters Samadhi through the mind; he gets rid of the disturbances through the vital breath pavan ; he acquires the fourth state Turiya through attention surat or realisation Gyana and through obeying, turning to, the Guru Guru mukh he attains to immortality.

In the highest stage a knowerof Yoga always attains non-duality, as milk poured into milk, or ghee into ghee, or fire into fire. V – 9 A perusal of this verse will show that what is described gorajsha is Baddha Padmasana, although Goraksa calls it only Padmasana.


Having offered a few remarks by way of this short preface we now thank our colleagues in the Kaivalyadhama S. Within this lotus is the full moon, resplendent as the clear sky, shafaka with nectar.

If the mind promotes the evil instincts residing in it then it becomes impure and impious. That is, when it passes the spinal column goraosha also deviates, then one branch of it goes to the abode of Brahman along with the stalk of Sankhinl. According to Pannini there are only 42 letters and not 51, as Tantrikas want us to understand.

We could procure 35 MSS. So it is difficult to understand why these spiritual centres are called Cakras. He is the embodiment of param jyoti Supreme Lightthe cause of the world, the liberator from birth and death whose praises have been sung in the srutis scriptures. It is described also as the triangular place of fire, looking like burnished gold, that by which kama is felt. The remaining explanatory notes, a scientific interpretation of some Yogic concepts, appendices and indices remain yet to be published.

Gorakshashataka, Gorakṣaśataka, Goraksha-shataka: 2 definitions

The circle of this lotus is white and within it is a white triangle containing a white linga shataoa itara linga. Does the number rise with the progressively higher spiritual activity connected with the lotus? With the gaze fixed on the tip of the nose and meditating in the sky i. That is the only Ms.

In the beginning the disciple should live thus. This goal is clarified later on, in verses from 92 to wherein the Yogavid is equated to Brahmavid the two terms being interchangeable. Paul Muller-Ortega’s school for Sadhana, dedicated to exploring, cultivating, expanding, and refining an experience of the Great Consciousness through the teachings and practices of the Shaiva tradition.


He is five-faced, three-eyed in each, covered with ashes, having a tiger’s skin and a garland of snakes. The place is sometimes spoken of as the Gauripitha.

Hass and Sri Datta from the philosophical theories they hold, it is plain that they are not based on the orthodox systems either of Vedanta or of Sankhya and Yoga. So far the number of petals in the Cakras goes, the Buddhists offer a complete contrast with the Hindus. Yoni is in Muladhara and the Linga is in the Yoni. Urdhvam goraksha shataka kandayonih khagandavat Tatranadyah samutpannah sahasranam dvisaptatih. She is yellow in appearance, happy that is, in excited moodauspicious, three-eyed, benefactress.

The lotuses, except the last are also called Pithas,i and are seats of Sakti. This is not merely an exchange of names. One should hold the Prana accompanied by the mind for five ghatikas in that region. Here we have translated cflg as skull and not as palate.

The same can be said goraksh the word Compare our note on V-l 2. In the lowest type the body perspires profusely; in the second a tremor is felt; in the last the Yogi seated in often levitates. I r II How is the speech vacha born and where does it dissolve viliyate?