Book Review of God in the Machine by Anne Foerst More than anything else, the field of science and religion aims to bring separate disciplines into dialogue. In God in the Machine, Dr. Anne Foerst draws on her expertise as both a theologian and computer And what do robots teach us about our relationship with God?. God in the Machine: What Robots Teach Us About Humanity and God. Author: Anne Foerst View colleagues of Anne Foerst.

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And, I think there is a good chance that those robots will become exactly that. Bonaventure University Author, God in the Machine: A more satisfying argument would be to present her understanding of personhood and an explanation why robots and humans are grouped together in her schema.

This site uses foersy. Nevertheless, these examples do not undermine the larger point that the mind-body split has had a persuasive influence on Western thinking.

Golems are helpful servants that can get out of hand if the intention of the human creator is not pure and worshipful of God. Unfortunately, her focus on these bonds taints the bigger message of what robots can teach us about ourselves and about our relationship to God. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to main content. I almost finished it. Ernest rated it really liked it Feb 26, So, building humanoid robots in our image is in a way a spiritual enterprise.

Robots have fascinated the public for years, appearing in countless films, books, and television shows.

Previous Posts 21st foerxt. I think there is too much reason behind it. But what feelings do these lifelike machines really provoke in us? Anyway herrr book was more about how people in science especially in MIT are actually anti-religeous and have no clue about how to believe in God so they react against anything that is about God especially if it invo I almost finished it. And, theology obviously tells a lot of stories too. So, these people were interested in social interaction and coordinating the body.


BookDB marked it as to-read Nov 20, To ask other readers questions about God in the Machineplease sign up. It was interesting, because I think he hoped that I would become something of a critic of AI, but I never became one. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

God in the Machine : Anne Foerst :

Original, controversial, and deeply insightful, God in the Machine illuminates the exciting and little-understood new terrain that macyine at the intersection of technology and religion, science and faith. People always tell the story with Frankenstein building the monster who then turns against humanity, right?

When I first came to MIT, the team had just started to build Cog, who was only a year old at the time. So, they try to prove the correctness of their assumption. Paperbackpages. Lists with This Book.

Umberto Tosi rated it it was amazing Nov 27, I vod refer to the Frakenstein story. We are so fundamentally relational. Kismet has a very cute face, and you basically fall in love with it right away. And what do robots teach us about our relationship with God? The other is a more modest goal, trying to find out how we work, learning more about who we are, learning more about what makes us human by trying to rebuild us, and seeing the failures and successes, and therefore find some solution for who we are.


God in the Machine : What Robots Teach Us about Humanity and God

You are commenting using your WordPress. Specifically, she argues that the multi-layered Hebrew term nefes cannot be flatly translated as soul, as traditionally has been the case, because it can refer both to the individual person and the larger community.

Despite these criticisms, this is a work worth reading. Joshua Riese marked it as to-read Nov 17, Speaking as a Christian theologian, Foerst believes the Christian narrative is well suited for the task. Chris marked it as to-read May 05, You also talk about humans as storytellers. After all, what would a mass-marketed A. So, we have to build them communal, which will be the most fascinating thing about them. Written by a member of the MIT AI lab and theologian educated in Germany, with a penchant for Paul Tillich, Foerst explores not only the science of AI, brains and consciousness, but annw the theological critiques and questions raised by the science seriously.

So, you basically have people on both sides yelling at each other. It really only yod in certain parts of the United States. It was really the first real life attempt to build a humanoid robot, so it was the first time a serious robot team said that it wanted to build a humanoid by basically turning science fiction into reality.

Stephen Garner rated it liked it Aug 27, And, they then become religious. Daryl McDaniel on Narcissism.