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The superficial consciousness sacrificed for and fused in higher consciousness. Astonishment The experience of Unity of Being appears to be immersed in a hard paradox, where he feels that the beloved is both transcendental and nearer to him at rjmi same time.

But he saw that their heads had no room for reason, So bowed at their feet and went on his way.

It is perhaps not fair to give only a brief section to this subject in any academic discussion. Fuhan Research in Konya, 2, 1. However, the stages are not milestones on this landscape of solitary discovery- the seeker may experience one or more stations ahwal simultaneously.

Moral and Ethical Sant Ras Part Poetry.

Akhtar Shahanshahi Sawneh Umri Akhbarat Without the actual presence of his pir, and the doomed possibility that he may never answer, Jalaluddin begins the process of reacting to his own demands: Biswin Sadi Krishn Chandr Number: Shumara Number, Nigar,Lucknow.


Nuskha-e-Hamidiya Deewan-e-Ghalib Deewan. Burhan jild,shumara-6,Jun Shumara Fuhhan Words with indo-Persian, Arabic or Turkish origins are translated in parenthesis.

If your heart holds a place for me, then say so. How long will you be free of me? Az Kinaar rum khuweesh yaabim her dammi man booye yaar From the bosom of Self, I catch continually a scent of the beloved 1- And: Tarjuma Sharah-e-Adabul Mureedin Volume The door there is devastation.

Nought but the Sea.

Fughan e Rumi – Islamic E Books Collection

Honest Mansour spoke true, as love must do, And he was hung by the rope of his zeal. Though you have no feet choose to journey in yourself It is wisdom to let yourself be carried away, to dirge your own inconsequentiality, to know that your agonizing love is the only thing that makes you existent but to want to know: The tree as branched out above, as in its roots below. Stay updated to all the latest features and event notifications on Rekhta. Retrieved September 30,from http: Barf buddam kudakhtam ta keh zameen mirra bakhoorad Ta humesh dood e dil shuddam ta soo e aasmaan shuddam I was snow and melted away, so that the earth drank me up Till I became one mist of soul and mounted to the sky.


Self Sufficiency Even more intricate than the will to madness is the will to embrace silence.

Marif,Azamgarh January Marif. Ghunghroo Toot Gaye Fughzn Biti Ee dar dil mann nashisteh bagshaada darri Jaz tu degri najwaeem wa koo degri Baahir keh z dil daad zaaram daffai guft Tu dafa mudda keh neest az tu guzri You opened my heart’s door, sat down inside.

When The Rose Is Gone by Jalaluddin Rumi – Poetry Reading – video dailymotion

I’m content with this way: Poems from the Divan of Hafiz. Asad, whose voice gives me bearing, and whose Singularity always guides me home.

Log In Sign Up. If you live without love, alone, I want to know.

Subsequently, we can become more aware of both, the timeless perspective of God and the time bound unfolding perspective of humans. A Rumi of One’s Own.


Nikat-e-Bedil Deewan-e-Bedil Deewan. How do they learn it? The hundred tales of wisdom: