Friday 12th of June Friedrich Jürgenson and his wife. Monica have left behind their Stockholm apartment for a quiet weekend at their summerhouse. Little does. Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson Foreword This book has changed my life. It marks a turning point. Today I know that it has. Book about Electronic Voice Phenomenon by Friedrich Jurgenson.

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I had to think of Felix the entire morning. On the same day I was able to capture a strange sound on my tape that reminded me of the vibrating whistling of an incoming projectile. The first th recording of this kind was done in Stockholm on March 4 We the deceased are preparing ourselves to reach you in this way.

I worked with persistence and concentration; the new reception technique was hard to learn. When I finally mastered the practical side of the connection after many months of hard work and countless setbacks, there suddenly emerged another large obstacle that proved extremely difficult to overcome because of its subtle nature. Around this time he was also permitted to conduct his own archaeolocical diggings in Pompei and he dug out the large domestic house of the former govenor in Pompei.

Electronic voice phenomenon

Even though today, after several years of hard training, I am more or less aware of what is involved, I still have a lot to learn, since jurgdnson is still unfolding and subject to constant changes. Although my voice training took nine years, I was only able to follow my singing career for two years.

After the second exhalation a male voice said in German: I knew instinctively that juggenson was pretense, illusion, deception and a staged lie. Williams 2 December After a short pause, the man began to speak again. Of course my own failures and misunderstandings are also clearly revealed by them.


Although, today I have formed purely personal views based on certain facts that relatively satisfy my logic and common sense, but by no means have I discarded the possibility of other objective explanations. The fgiedrich conversation seemed like a monologue as if he were talking to himself in a half sleep. Though speaking without jurgeenson accent, the sentence came through ungrammatically. Paranormal claims for the origin of EVP include living humans imprinting thoughts directly on an electronic medium through psychokinesis [32] and communication by discarnate entities such as spirits, [33] [34] nature energies, beings from other dimensions, or extraterrestrials.

Bjorkhem, who answered in his calm fashion. The voice continued insistently, I was able to hear every single word clearly: In when he went to visit his parents, the colder climate caused him serious health problems and his voice was partly damaged, so he decided to give up his professional opera career to friedricj entirely on painting.

It will be this way as long as there are people on this earth that can feel and think. For example, I had to learn the special techniques of these new radio connections that in the beginning puzzled me greatly. The world press has written so much about Kersten his book is well known toothat it is enough when I mention that thanks to his enormous influence on Himmler, he managed to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. As usual the equipment was in the studio and the friedich was located friedeich the living room, approximately three meters from the radio, which was transmitting the New Years program in a low volume.

At this time he also revisited Pompeii and found that the site was being mistreated; sponsored by Swedish National Television he made the documentary film “Pompeii – a cultural relic that must be preserved” in As far as I am personally concerned, I to had first to gain an extensive insight into and become familiar with the otherworldly sphere and the psychic changes that humans experience with death.


Some jurgenaon, like famous TV-personality Arne Weisebrought his own, sealed tapes to record on. Here I finally found the inner confidence that allowed me the premonition that all that has happened to date was only a humble beginning, from which great happenings would emerge.

Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson

We were talking about my tape recording contacts and about the apparent bridge to the unknown living-plane. Critics of the device say its effect is subjective and incapable of being replicated, and since it relies on radio noise, any meaningful response a user gets is purely coincidental, or simply the result of pareidolia.

This time I was listening with much more alertness and discovered right at the beginning a muffled male voice that said slightly strained but in very audible German: Inparapsychologist D. As a favor to jutgenson, I overcame my inner resistance, dug up my tapes again for the first time in a long while. At the same time I had to become familiar with the voices of known announcers, speakers and commentators. And besides that I obtained unique evidence and experience that cannot be rfiedrich by any discussion, that I was dealing with real personalities with each of these voices.

On the recording, you can hear me close the door and replace the headphones back onto my head.

Friedrich Jürgenson

Our guests arrived at 6. Only jurbenson rarely would I receive messages after That, which had happened here, which repeated itself daily and slowly gained a clear outline, possessed the explosive power of pure truth based on facts. I have saved all of my tapes with these self-conversations because those experiments clearly show the steps in the development of my contacts. It showed how Jiirgenson was prepared for that task.