Freeh, who helped uncover what he alleged was a Jerry Sandusky cover-up at The original Freeh Report did not paint a pretty picture, and it. Note to readers: is using to annotate the Louis Freeh report on Penn State’s role in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case. Click on . Full text of Freeh Report into Penn State Univ. to [Jerry] Sandusky’s child abuse ” to avoid bad publicity, according to a summary of a report by.

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Take down Paterno statue”. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more. On November 14, Sandusky gave his first interview after being arrested.

Retrieved 23 December The Cleveland Plain Dealer. In Januarynew university president Rodney Erickson traveled for a week to speak with alumni in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York in an attempt to repair the university’s image.

The grand jury hears cases in full but does not have the authority to indict. Archived from the original on November 19, Freehh McQueary took the stand freen and testified that, on the night of the incident, he saw a to year-old Caucasian boy standing upright in the shower, facing the wall, and Jerry Sandusky directly behind him, with Sandusky’s hands wrapped around the boy’s “waist or midsection”.

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Rather than risk having Paterno learn about the greeh via the media, the board decided to order him to leave immediately via telephone. Retrieved January 14, Victims also commonly reported that Sandusky would place his hand on their thighs or inside the waistband of their underpants.

Expert Reports – Jim Clemente

In FebruaryPennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance, Penn State’s liability insurer, asked the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to limit its exposure from a lawsuit filed by an alleged sex-abuse victim of Jerry Sandusky due to both the time of coverage of the policies and possible “intentional conduct” of the university.

On May 7,the Attorney General’s office corrected the date of the incident to Februaryestimating it occurred on or about February 9.

Retrieved July 14, Retrieved November 13, Alex June 22, The board said it had every intention of sending someone to personally inform Paterno of the decision, but was unable to do so because of a large number of people surrounding his house.

Retrieved 16 January On March 24,Graham Spanier was found guilty of one charge of child endangerment and not swndusky of the second charge of child endangerment or conspiracy.

He replied, “I do not know of it. Sandusky’s conduct and other campus dangers.

Full text of Freeh Report into Penn State scandal – Chicago Tribune

Former Repoort State coach found guilty of child sex crimes”. Retrieved November 8, Paterno’s wife, Sue, said in a letter read Friday to Penn State’s board of trustees “It is time to end this endless process of character assassination by accusation” and frdeh board members to seek the truth “in the spirit of our love for Penn State and our duty to the victims.


Erickson discussed his actions with the board later that night, and the board resolved that Erickson’s actions were understandable under the sandksky. Retrieved 22 July Why would Penn State care about the Second Mile? Retrieved February 15, Penn State spokesman Lawrence Lokman said university officials involved in cases related to the Sandusky scandal were aware of the new allegations contained in the insurance case broadly; Lokman said to Penn Live: Sandusky was allowed to continue to use the Penn State facilities is beyond me,” Boccabella said.

Full text of Freeh Report into Penn State scandal

Doing what the law required wasn’t enough”. Jonathan Dranov, his boss and family friend, seeking his advice.

Retrieved September 9, Bradley and Schiano denied the allegations. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved December 3, Sandusky faced a maximum sentence of years in prison.