Model: A. Manufacturer: Fluke. About: We are NES Sales, Northeast’s industrial source. Notes: Does not include stand. Sold as-is, as pictured. | eBay!. Fluke A bench multimeter. «on: November 04, , am». I got this oldie from ebay the other day, the seller sold it as untested but it works. Fluke will not be liable for any claims, losses or damages of any kind incurred by any user arising from use of this manual. A Digital Multimeter Instruction.

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Gluke Indication BoxRodelokka Oslo 5 Tel: Formerly Philadelphia Handle Co. At the end of the integrate period Q14 is turned off, U4 and U5 no longer charge C28, and the charge on C28 is held.

Fluke A Digital Multimeter | eBay

The specifications for the Battery Pack are given in Section 1 of this manual. Instrument model and Serial number An ac signal is coupled by Cl from the VO terminals to input impedance resistor, R1 7. The decimal point logic DPL from U8 outputs a signal at the appro- priate strobe signal.

The batteries are recharged by connecting the A to the ac power 860a.

When making a resistance measurement the un- known resistance, 8060a across the input, is supplied with a known value of current by the ohms converter and input divider. It is recommended that the theory of operation in Section 3 flukf read com- pletely before attempting to troubleshoot the instrument.

To obtain a quotation to repair shipment damage, contact the nearest Fluke Technical Center. Buchanan Crimptool Products Div. The battery manufacturer recommends allowing the instrument to warm up to room temperature before charging the unit. Eatontown, NJ Utronix Inc.


Executive Offices Capacitor Div. When the full scale capability of the selected range for any function is exceeded, the display will blink while indicating a reading.

The following circuit descriptions are keyed to the functional blocks defined in the overall functional block diagram of Figure When the fifth ST5 signal occurs, U10 is emptied of data and all its outputs are 0.

Melville, NY Bercquist Co. The voltage level should be the same as that noted in step e.

Fluke 8600A Portable Bench Digital Multimeter 1000v DC

Because of this the power supplies should 800a checked in the event of any A malfunction. Printed Circuit Board Part Number f. The output of U4 is applied to the inverting input of integrator, U5.

Observe the voltage reading displayed in volts rms on the A readoug. After the A-D Converter has integrated the unknown input voltage, integrated the reference voltage, and produced the compare output; the circuits of the converter are zeroed for a new measurement.

The A is designed for either bench-top use or for installation in a standard inch equipment rack using an optional accessory rack mounting kit. Yankton, SD Ovenaiie Div. During the negative half cycle of the ac input voltage, Cl charges through CR1 to the 860a0 peak value of the input signal. Table contains truth tables for U8 and U9. First check the signal at the gate of the F,uke.

See other items More It is recommended that the contents of this section be read and understood before any attempt is made to operate the instrument.

Ohms Test Touch the probe tip to the circuit point to be measured. No additional import charges at delivery! DC Volts Flke Procedure North North Ryde N. Figure is a basic illustration of the A-D Converter. Sleeving, 16 for vinyl wire, or 18 for teflon. A delay of 15 jusec is introduced in U8 between application of the read reference and the start of the counter.


Fluke 8600A Digital Multimeter

A Gulf Western Mfg. CL1 presents a variable load to Q7 so that for the positive half cycle, as Q7 draws less current, the voltage on the collector of Q7 rises more rapidly than it would with a purely resistive load.

Clean the interior with clean, dry air at low pressure 20 psi. When one digit in the display remains dark the strobe signal for that digit should be checked. Capacitor Cl is used NY Space-Lok Inc. Install the unit in its case and insert the phillips screw. A voltage level greater than ten volts at CR2 and zero volts at pin 3 of U1 would indicate that the current source Q3, U3 and associated com- ponents is supplying more lfuke than normal.

The instrument should be shipped in the original packing 860a or if it is not available, use any suitable container that is rigid and of adequate size. Electrical components are listed by reference designation and mechanical components are listed by item number.

Garland, TX Hartwell Corp. Pro- ceed to the troubleshooting information for the indicated failure area. Box Karachi Tel: Schematics for the A circuits are provided in Section 8.