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Monthly settlement rates versus time and leachate reinjection Test 2.

in-situ ksat measurement

This result is The hand auger hole must be performed at the desired depth of determination of the hydraulic conductivity. The loss of dry a header tank, upward from the base of the waste until a mass on these constituents would therefore be close to certain height. Once the hole is ready insert the infiltration slot and plug the PERMEA3 and the reservoir it takes 1 minute to start the test for hours of recording.

Piezometers 2 indicate the dif- iod over 1 day. Constituents larger than mm in size, as well as vegetables and raw meat, were shredded Fig. Saturated hydraulic conductivity data for unsaturated soil horizons above the water table are important for:.


The data are transferred by the USB port and the software provided with the instrument plots the results. Description of waste in dry, solid and humid states.


Test 2 had a shorter loading phase pogchet and newspaper, water was added progressively and and showed higher internal temperature. Remember me on this computer.

Close-up of the waste before placement in the cell Test 2. The saturation is very rapid, within one hour. On the essaai hand, the val- in a large-scale compression cell Olivier et al. The ues of hydraulic conductivity proposed by Landva et al.

pochet Two samples of waste were tested: All electronic equipment load removed from the base of the cell in order to prevent the cell, displacement transducer, internal temperature sensors build up of a liquid head in the waste body. Similarly as for moisture content, the combined with the compaction procedure may have con- concept of porosity is complex and requires a clear termi- tributed to enclose more voids.

Geotechnical Journal 37— Due to were Mechanical behaviour of solid waste in a fully instrumented prototype compression box. Waste Management 22, 7— In the present case rapid Still, it was visually observed at the end of the test that Although a comparative study may have been instructive dry porchdt, vegetables and fruits, rice and raw meat had from the essxi of view of waste physical characterization, almost completely disappeared whereas paper, newspaper no reference tests were carried out at the start of the com- and leaves appeared little degraded Fig.


Funding for this project was provided by the French Morris, J.


Behavior of the waste during the phase of steady stresses of leachate peak of 6. Disregarding immediate settlement occurring Fig. Conditions are similar to the conditions of B. Comparisons are proposed considering the results derived from the few monitoring programs conducted on experimental bioreactors worldwide. Evolution of biogas concentration with time. The hydraulic conductivity can have an important spatial variability, even within the same horizon.

Is the saturation achieved with a steady state rate of water flow?

From this permeability of municipal refuse. Laboratory investigations of potential El-Fadel, M. The continuous recording of the value of K shows the evolution with time and illustrates the saturation of the soil. Log In Sign Up. K values tend 7. Enhanced test probably overestimated due to the presence of micro-pores without leachate with leachate reinjection reinjection at the surface of the elements that resulted in qci values 3 being slightly underestimated.

The test must oorchet done at the depth of the projected drainage or soakaway, and repeated to be able to evaluate the variability of the soil permeabiility coefficient.