Ilustrações pro texto de Edgar Allan Poe – Revista The President. O filme apresenta três segmentos adaptados da obra de Edgar Allan Poe: ” Morella”, “O Gato Preto” (combinado com partes de “O Barril de Amontillado”) e ” O. All about O barril de Amontillado e outras novelas by Edgar Allan Poe. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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By the bye, gentlemen, this—this is a very well constructed house. The officers bade me accompany them in their search. Poe may have also been inspired, at least in part, by the Washingtonian movementa fellowship that promoted edtar. I burned to say if but one word, by way of triumph, and to render doubly sure their assurance of my guiltlessness.

Poe thought that one of English’s writings went a bit too far, and successfully sued the other man’s editors at The New York Mirror for libel in There is also evidence that Montresor is almost as clueless about his motive for revenge as his victim. It is impossible to describe, or to imagine, the deep, the blissful sense of relief which the absence of the detested creature occasioned in my bosom.

University of Notre Dame Press. I looked around triumphantly, and said to myself—”Here at least, then, my labor has not been in vain.

O barril de Amontillado e outras novelas by Edgar Allan Poe | LibraryThing

It is with this converging of the two characters that one is able dd see the larger symbolism of the Montresor crest — the foot steps on the serpent while the serpent forever has his fangs embedded in the heel.


Poe wrote his tale, however, as a response to his personal rival Thomas Dunn English.

Literary Trail of Greater Boston. For one instant the party upon the stairs remained motionless, through extremity of terror and of awe. Penn State University Press. Montresor never specifies his motive beyond the vague “thousand injuries” and “when he ventured upon insult” to which he refers.

Secure, however, in the inscrutability of my place of concealment, I felt no embarrassment whatever. Having procured mortar, sand, and hair, with every possible precaution, I prepared a plaster which could not be distinguished from the old, and with this I very carefully went over the new brickwork.

Additional scrutiny into the vague injuries and insults may have to do with a simple matter of Montresor’s pride and not any specific words from Fortunato.

Loe is equally unredressed when the avenger fails to make himself felt as such to him who has done the wrong. Poe scholar Richard P. Without a detective in the story, it is up to the reader to solve the mystery.

Finally I hit upon what I considered a far better expedient than either of these. When they come to a nicheMontresor tells his victim that the Amontillado is within.

Upon further investigation into the true nature a,ontillado character, double meaning can be derived from the Montresor crest. New Essays on Poe’s Major Tales. Poe and English had several confrontations, usually revolving around literary caricatures of one another.

The Cask of Amontillado

You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I gave utterance to a threat. The second and the third day passed, and still my tormentor came not. I folded my arms upon my bosom, and roamed easily to and fro. Fortunato, as his name would seem to indicate, has been blessed with good fortune and wealth and is, therefore, viewed as unrefined by Montresor; however, this lack of refinement has not stopped Fortunato from surpassing Montresor in society, which could very well be the “insult” motive for Montresor’s revenge.


He had on a tight-fitting parti-striped dress, and his head was surmounted by the conical cap and bells.

O barril de Amontillado e outras novelas

I was skilful in the Italian vintages myself, and bought largely whenever I could. Ingram wrote to Sarah Helen Whitman that someone named “Allen” said that Poe worked “in the brickyard ‘late in the fall of ‘”.

But I have received a pipe of what passes for Amontillado, and I have my doubts. I quivered not in a muscle. After Fortunato is chained to the wall and nearly entombed alive, Montresor merely mocks and mimics him, rather than disclosing to Fortunato the reasons behind his exacting revenge. Few Italians have the true virtuoso spirit.

Its walls were loosely constructed, and had lately been plastered throughout with a rough plaster, which the dampness of the atmosphere had prevented from hardening.

He prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine. By means of a crow-bar I easily dislodged the bricks, and, having carefully deposited the body against the inner wall, I propped it in that position, while, with little trouble, I re-laid the whole structure as it originally stood.