Dotyk Julii. likes. Book. Czy oprócz Dotyku Julii macie jeszcze jakieś swoje ukochane serie? Ja do śmierci będę wierna Delirium <3 ~ Julia. Image may. Dotyk Julii Trylogia by Mafi Tahereh, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Dotyk Julii

Plus I really hate the Bad Boy love interest Warner, he is an abusive fucker with no redeemable quality. I could not engage with the writing style of the book, riddled with nonsensical metaphors as it is, I could not find any foothold with main characters Juliette or Adam, and I could never buy the dystopia.

Your excessive use of made-up shitty metaphors make Cassandra Clare look like a better writer! The romance between these two was so obnoxious and cringy and just a;ljdkfja;lsdjf;lasdjfa. dootyk

Dotyk Julii (Dotyk Julii, #1) by Tahereh Mafi (2 star ratings)

I’m glad you guys enjoyed this, really. I think she knows her characters so well that Restore Me will be just as good as the original trilogy. I admit I admit I don’t I admit I don’t even understand I admit I don’t even understand what the three sentences from above are supposed to mean. Hay 2, rodadas de ojos hasta hasta hasta llegar al final del libro.

The romance was a close second.

To others like me, it will come across dotyl excessive and irritating. Voy a tener que leer el siguiente libro ya que odio dejar una saga incompleta. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I am still going to give Tahereh a chance with any other book she writes, but Shatter Me is definitely not for me.

It is in fact so typical that it borders on insipid, if not astonishingly trite. No one should ever touch me. I felt like we dothk really thrown into the world without any real explanation of how it got there and why.


Adam is sort of creepy, like here’s this girl that he is in love obsessed with because she was actually nice to people despite how they treated her in elementary school. Anyway, if you loved the book, I’m sorry I didn’t! How can a smile crack a spine? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Mafi’s prose is so full of jarring and contradictory images that it’s difficult to finish a page without stopping at least once with your thoughts reflecting some intensity of “wtf” feeling that often fills a person at points of bewilderment and astonishment.

It felt underdeveloped and immature. jukii

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Unfortunately, Shatter Me feels like the victim of its own excesses. He got me at the first few chapters, he got me swooning and all but Juliette ruined him for me, the way she describes Adam is plain disgusting and smutty and it turned me off. And the romance was just, cringe. To me, he’s a dotyo amazing character.

The world-building is pretty much non-existent. At least the writing style was easy to readwhich helped me get to the end faster. Chapter 12, page 74 He’s a hot bath, a short breath, 5 days of summer pressed into 5 fingers writing stories on my body. I come from the school of thought that in writing, when you want to make something have more of an effect, you use subtlety.

Juliette was a whiny, annoying little binch. He’s not a bad character or anything. I’m convinced that if you taken out all the angsting and whining, you could cut down about pages off this novel.

Adam comes into the picture. That second star is for Warner, and if I read the sequels it will be to make sure he doesn’t die.


Book cover “Dotyk Julii” young adult novel on Behance

Much has been said about the prosaic style of the novel, which favours dramatic turns of phrase and extremely creative metaphors.

Mafi may have written gems, pieces that are compelling but honestly, they are all so buried with fragments that seem to be quivering with melodrama and pathos, that seem contrived that it was all I could do to read as far as I did. But it’s not those slowly progressing ones, either. Pay attention to the way Juliette describes her interactions with him: And you know how she reacted?

I thought it was amazing!!! What I meant is that there are people who also have “special powers”. Everything is spelled out for us like we’re idiots.

I was extremely excited to read Shatter Me, having listened to the charming Tahereh Mafi speak at Comic Con this year, and having read a number of stellar reviews for this debut, I was thrilled to finally dive into this highly anticipated book. We’ve all grown significantly, as people and as a community, but that doesn’t change the fact that this book and its contemporaries were the bedrock upon which the higher quality and more self-aware releases of today were built.

But after a few chapters, it started to grow on me. Unite Me 1 11 Feb 02, The number of times my parents walked by and asked me why I was reading a book with such a hideous cover. Don’t even compare it.