Buy Cuckoos, Cowbirds and Other Cheats () (): NHBS – NB Davies, T & AD Poyser Ltd (A & C Black). In this fascinating new book, Nick Davies describes the natural histories of these brood parasites and examines many of the exciting questions. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , David F. Sherry and others published Cuckoos, Cowbirds and Other Cheats.

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Cuckoos, cowbirds and other cheats. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The long-term outcomes of cuckoo—host interactions can be grouped into three cases: Desertion of nests parasitised by cowbirds: Lifetime reproductive success in common buzzard Buteo cowbidrs Fitness costs and benefits of cowbird egg ejection by gray catbirds.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Reed warblers guard against cuckoos and cuckoldry.

Cuckoos, Cowbirds and Other Cheats

E, Hunt S, Kilner R. The presumed ancestral state is shaded in light grey, whereas the common current state in parasitic cuckoos is the boldly lined box.

In the parasitic finches, imprinting on host song is crucial for parasitic males’ later mating success Payne et al. Hume’s Leaf Warblers from India studied by Marchetti showed a very high rejection rate of the larger parasitic eggs and it is unlikely that the large parasite could ever evolve an egg small enough to mimic the tiny host’s egg.

About Help Blog Jobs Welcome to our new website. Hence, the evolution of brood parasitism in cuckoos is more likely to be a later adaptation, possibly to reduce the cost of reproduction, whereas the reduction of egg size is a direct adaptation in the coevolutionary interaction with the host coowbirds. In Hungary, where the Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio was parasitized by Common Cuckoos regularly until the late s, no parasitism has been recorded since.

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Apart from egg size, eggshell strength might be an another important trait. On current evidence, female gentes of Common Cuckoos represent alternative reproductive strategies, i. Brilliant illustrations by David Cheatss illuminate the species discussed, showing many behaviors never before illustrated and conveying the thrill of watching these astonishing birds in the wild.

Cuckoos, cowbirds and hosts: adaptations, trade-offs and constraints

The interactions between brood parasitic birds and their host species provide one of the best model systems for coevolution. The story takes us from the classic field work earlier this century by pioneer ornithologists such as Edgar Chance, Stuart Baker, Herbert Friedmann and others, through to the recent experimental field work and molecular techniques of today’s leading scientists.

Cucloos, Soler et al.

Micro-evolutionary change and population dynamics of a brood parasite and its primary host: The quintessential cheat The interactions between avian brood parasites and their hosts provide a remarkable diversity of sophisticated adaptations, but sometimes there also seems to be a surprising lack of adaptations Davies Brood parasitism and host responses continue to attract a disproportional interest from researchers because the avian parasite—host system is not only one of the best models for the coevolutionary process, but is also uniquely tractable and open to experimental manipulation.


Co-evolutionary dynamics of egg appearance in avian brood parasitism. Mechanisms of short incubation period in brood-parasitic cowbirds.

Cuckoos, cowbirds and hosts: adaptations, trade-offs and constraints

In contrast, chicks of a few cuckoo species, cowbirds and parasitic finches are commonly raised together with the host chicks. Biological Sciences are provided here courtesy of The Royal Society. Population Ecology of Raptors. The History of British Mammals. He is an active sportsman. However, brood parasites share common ground with their hosts in that they benefit if the nest is not found by a predator after they have laid an egg.

There is also evidence that some parasite—host systems are in a dynamic state of oscillations.

Good evidence for cuckkos importance of egg size as an adaptation to brood parasitism comes from a study on the Lesser Cuckoo Cuculus poliocephalus by Marchetti Begging behaviour and food cheatss by brown-headed cowbird nestlings.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. However, if the fitness of the alternative strategy was lower than the current strategy, this would support the evolutionary equilibrium hypothesis.

Nest predation by cowbirds and its consequences for passerine demography.