Ben Forta has three decades of experience in the computer industry in product Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Advanced. DZone recently caught up with Ben Forta, ColdFusion guru and renowned book author to discuss the state of the ColdFusion market, CF. Ben Forta is Adobe Systems Inc’s Senior Director of Education Initiatives. His primary Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 1: Getting Started. Adobe Press. ISBN X. Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web.

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If you need to build business centric applications, a lot of really important stuff there including the spreadsheet integration and other popular office formats and document integration. Creating Data-Driven Pages Then, SpreadsheetNew is used to create a new spreadsheet object.

Ben Forta | ColdFusion Books

Integrating with Microsoft Office The CFML language that some people love and some people can’t stand. ColdFusion Security Options This is how innovative features like reporting and event gateways and server monitoring become a reality.

Interacting With the Operating System Working With Feeds You’ve got everything from integration to portal servers to SharePoint now, to building applications that are very data centric and the ORM stuff. This is a getter, and it is automatically created by ColdFusion. There’s also a real downside to this type of database integration.

Ben, it’s a real pleasure to have you with us today. It has color coding, and syntax checking, coldfuslon helping and so on but it does a lot of things that are more IDE-ish. So if you want to try a remote server, somebody else’s, you can do that also. SpreadsheetFormatObject is then used to format row 1. We’re not quite ready to roll out all the details yet.


Adobe’s Ben Forta on ColdFusion 9, CF Adoption Trends

It is entirely optional. So ColdFusion 9 was a big announcement for Adobe this year, Ben.

Notice that to access the Title property, a GetTitle method is used. ColdFusion developers have long known to ensure that local variables remain local by using the “var” keyword to define them. I think in general, a lot of the legacy issues that really were a pain in the neck to deal back in five, six, seven years ago, those are gone. It’s a good use of ColdFusion.

It’s really easy to install and set up. And then when you hit ColdFusion four or 5, because of the complexity, it became two books.

Introducing Adobe ColdFusion 9

If coldfusino are want to easily take advantage of client-side Ajax then this is the book for you. And that’s very compelling for organizations that have really a mixed bag of everything.

That was done deliberately because we wanted to build it on the same underlying platform that drives the other IDE products that are in Adobe. More thancopies of his books are in print in English, and titles have been translated into fifteen languages. If they are comfortable and productive and prime PHP does what they coldfuion, then they should continue using it. It’s a slight change in my role.


So it is definitely a 1. And if it fits bdn organization it’s great, it’s a great tool. Can you tell us a little bit about what those will cover and when we can expect to see them.

Others, when they found out that you can manipulate spreadsheets and low-level spreadsheets, redesign them and manipulate them, were jumping out of their seats. The notion of object-relational mapping has been around for sometime now in the Java universe. Many of these titles are used as textbooks in colleges and universities worldwide. Oh, and before you ask, here are answers to the three most commonly asked questions: Look at the following two: This Flex-based app provided access to all sorts of ColdFusion internals, alerts, proactive problem management, and more.

Spreadsheets are key to just about all businesses and organizations, and ColdFusion developers have long sought a way to access and manipulate spreadsheet data programmatically. There is much more to this “ColdFusion as a Service” functionality, including lots more services exposed, and a sophisticated security model.