Chelliah Committee Recommendations on Indian Fiscal Policy! The committee, set up in August , submitted its Interim Report in February , and final. Tax Reforms Chelliah Committee Report — I Guiding Principles of Tax Reform he guiding principles underlying the tax reforms proposed by the Committee. Raja Jesudoss Chelliah (12 December – 7 April ) was an economist and founding He served as chairman of Tax Reforms Committee of Union Government between and and as chairman of the Tax Reforms and.

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Restricting Taxation of Wealth to unproductive assets. The emphasis of the direct tax proposals in the budget was to continue with the policy of stability in tax rates. Tax less said Bauer. Restructuring the Tax System as broad based and fairer particularly with regard to personal taxation.

It is indeed true that the robust economic growth and improved performance mainly of the services and manufacturing sector- have helped to keep tax revenues buoyant during The Tax base should be enlarged by including services within the tax net.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Government of Chhelliah, Ministry chelilah Finance. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Implementation of estimated income schemes with respect to those assesses whose total annual business turnover is more than Rs. Fourthly lowering the tax rateswas aimed at.

Raja Chelliah

Targets for tax collection should be fixed on some realistic basis. In Government of India faced financial crisis and political instability that leads to Investments slowdown, fall of Foreign Trade, Fiscal Crisis etc. To give suitable Measures to take further steps towards Reforming to overcome the Loopholes in the Tax System. Introduction of presumptive taxation scheme for small businessman. The coverage of service tax at the rate of 5 percent in the value of taxable service was expanded to include fifteen new services.


Raja Chelliah – Wikipedia

Introduction of the presumptive tax reprt small retail traders with annual turnover not exceeding Rs. The regression coefficient of Views Read Edit View history.

Corporate tax rates have been reduced and simplified over the past few years. The law and procedure relating to valuation chellliah be simplified and specific duties should be replaced by ad valorem duties in respect of most goods.

The exemption limit may be raised to Rs. There is also a need to adjust the taxation to suit the needs of growing market orientation to the economy which calls for reducing the repogt differentials across the states, broadening the tax base with minimal exemption and incentives and bringing about the much needed transparency for better tax compliance.

Consequently, very little surplus is left for corporate capital formation.

Tax Reforms Committee: Interim report

From this model it can be infer that the impact of Chelliah committee recommendation is significantly increased the Tax to GDP ratio between to Retrieved from ” https: In this they have recommended rationalization, simplification, Improving of Productivity, efficient and transparent tax system. By using the data, the following model is constructed.

Monetary Policy in Under-Developed Countries. Retrieved 18 October New measures to curb tax avoidance by transfer pricing were hcelliah in the budget.


Reduction in duty rates, Improvement of Tax Collection Procedure, Increasing the Elasticity of the tax revenues, Identifying new areas of taxation to increase Productivity.

The transition from a predominantly centrally planned development strategy to market based resources allocation has changed the perspective chelluah the role of the state in development.

Raja Chelliah Tax Reforms Committee

Jasbir Singh Bajaj B. Excise duty on petrol which was earlier raised in the budget was further enhanced. In most cases, such reforms are not in the nature of systemic improvements to enhance chelpiah long run productivity of the tax system. Rationalization of the Existing Direct Tax system for removing anomalies, improving equity and sustaining economic committwe.

However, maximum care has been taken to ensure the reliability of the information gathered through Secondary data. Sharma In this article author discussed the systemic reforms in the tax system in India, Paradigms of Tax Reforms.

Reduction in the number of income tax rate slabs. As in other countries, the systemic reforms in the tax system in India in the s were the product rrport crisis but the reforms were calibrated on the basis of detailed analysis.

The peak level of customs duty was scaled down to 35 percent with the abolition of 10 percent surcharge.