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The study has been based mainly on literature surveys and analysis of documents, including the RIS3 guide [Foray et al. Europe is known on the global art market by its old tradition of collecting. The important factors in the development of the region should also include transport, which allows the achievement of the economic, social and environmental objectives.

The major quality of dynamically developing regions is the advantage of resources related to knowledge creation and human capital over those physical and natural. The Asian art market: The lack of proper government regulation in this branch of the art market caused a price bubble on the Tianjin Cultural Artwork Exchange infollowed by a lack transparency of these exchange operations.

The significance of regional human vegg is also recognized and appreciated by local communities. Therefore, one may accept that regional progress related to innovation, and also regional development, represent complementary and mutually stimulating processes. Publisher, Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne.

The first combines organizational entities and regional self-government companies constituting its part, as well as the strategic cooperation partners with direct beneficiaries. Daivd Ramsay rated it really liked makroekonomia begg May 30, Economics by david begg stanley fischer rudiger dornbusch List of ebooks and manuels about Economics by david begg stanley fischer rudiger dornbusch.

The visualisation of the smart specialization concept Source: On the other hand, economic development enables a region to incur expenditure on the implementation of the social or environmental objectives.

According to the Art market report, the total size of the global art market was By way of comparison, in the total value of the global art market sales was The pursuit of growth based on unconditional production and consumption increase denies the aims of such development [Rogallp. These systems do not operate as coherent, closed and internally balanced structures.


Usually it is used with a description of weak or strong resilience performance [e. It sets three ambitious interrelated goals for the whole Union: The key obstacles for its further development are: An emotional bond with a particular place enhances the probability of undertaking development supporting activities. Regional Innovation Strategies have been prepared for all regions. Gospodarka regionalna i lokalna, PWN, Warszawa On the one hand, the processes identified as regional development constitute the effect of microeconomic attitudes presented by businesses and investors operating in a market economy, on the other hand, however, they result from purposeful, planned, strategic activities carried out by the entities responsible for regional and local policy.

It is legally justified, it has due powers and resources and is also obliged to do so, both formally2 and — under the new paradigm of regional development — expected by the regional community and supra-regional authorities state government and international organizations authorities, e.

The no- tion of resilience originates from ecological sciences and in such an approach means the bio-capacity of organisms to adapt and develop under disadvantageous conditions or, in the case of ecosystems, has a similar meaning to their stability or elasticity [Vatnp. The paper discusses problems referring to regional innovation strategies RIS implementation.

According to his concept, the implementation of such a strategy is not necessarily narrowed makrodkonomia to the area of regional self-government structure, since it takes advantage of independent units potential as crucial for the development of makroekonokia regional innovation system and for the diffusion of innovation oriented processes in the region.


The purpose of this article is to present this concept. On makroekonkmia Chinese art market the distribution is mostly represented by auctions rather than galleries or dealers.

The second benefit is the increased geographical size bbegg the labor market in the region the increased range of options for employees and employers. Read more about the condition. Nea Ionia, Greece and Pafos, Cyprus, [in: Not every novelty can be perceived as an innovation.


Both in the case of competitiveness, resilience and sustainable development, long-term performance is fundamental especially for the last concept. The golden triangle — the symbol of RIS — is constructed of three types of institutions constituting the triangle vertices, i.

Next, basic assumptions of the 3T concept by Richard Florida were characterized. Innovation represents the greatest challenge of the 21st century. The author also wishes to emphasize that, due to the limited framework of this study, the presentation of the following model, as a result of the above- mentioned efforts, is purely schematic.

Moreover, resilience and its foundations are also related to innovation, creating and spreading new knowledge, competitive processes, economic growth and success, market changes and employment rate. Autor opisuje jego instytucjonalne komponenty, ich funkcje oraz wzajemne relacje.


For competitiveness or resilience, increasing the growth or, at least, maintaining it at a stable level is crucial, however referring to a sustainable development relationship is not so obvious. At the same time, the duty-free status of imported and exported works of art to and from the USA has been one of the features that promoted its development. He also posits that innovations do not have to be purely technical.

Innovation — understood in this way — may appear e. Beyond any doubt, creativity does help in breaking away from mental patterns of regional communities used to the existing order and established rules. These resources cover the following [Brolp. Speculative operations with art assets on the European art market are not very popular.