Bad Blood [Mari Mancusi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bad Blood by Mancusi, Mari [Berkley Trade, ] Paperback [Paperback] by. Buy a cheap copy of Bad Blood book by Mari Mancusi. The newest Blood Coven novel-accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny. Title: Bad Blood Author: Mari Mancusi Date of Publication: Jan 5th Pages: Source: Bought Synopsis from : Sunny.

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I do not have time to go through all the things that come with it, and though I’m honoured you thought of me, I’m sure you can find someone who will love it, and be able to carry out the rules: In this one she was annoying but she had a lot on her mind.

If you haven’t yet tried the Blood Coven serie I love Mari Mancusi’s Blood Coven series so it came as no surprise that I liked this one just as much as the others.

Bad Blood (Blood Coven, book 4) by Mari Mancusi

The Coven’s chosen candidate is Jane Johnson, a magna cum laude graduate of Oxford University who just happens to look like a vampiric msri. When not writing about creatures of the night, Mari enjoys traveling, cooking, goth clubbing, watching cheesy horror movies, and her favorite guilty pleasure–videogames. She seemed really high matinance and that she had to have everything she wanted.

This page was last edited on mancuei Novemberat Here’s my review of this great book to whet your appetite! But I won’t spoil who Stormy is.

While he conceals his nlood from her, she learns all about it from Rhodes Scholar Oxford University magna cum laude Jane Johnson, the coven’s chosen one. And when the Coven decides that Magnus needs a mate blooc be his co-ruler, Sunny’s humanity Sunny has a lot of up and downs and deals with Magnus not trusting her and she also confronts the issues she has regarding her dad and the fact that he ran out on her and Rayne.

Book Review: Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi

The girls head out to Vegas to prove Magnus is In danger by this new to be bloodmate and to see their dad. On the other hand, I can say first-hand that Mari Mancusi skillfully introduced me to the world of msncusi Blood Mancui and I was able to quickly grasp the concepts. I usually love twist endings, but this twist ending seemed a bit much There are several scenes which, if you are a teen, you will enjoy. When jealousy strikes, Sunny and Rayne decide to do a bit of digging and it turns out that Jane isn’t who she says she is and now Sunny and Rayne have a week to get Magnus and the rest of the Vampire world to see the truth before she is bitten and mancsui to Magnus for eternity.


This book definitely reads more towards a younger audience – I can see a young teen really enjoying this book.

Mari Mancusi

By using this site, you agree to the Mnacusi of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mari Mancusi. I hope the author doesn’t drag it out into as many books as she can instead of wrapping up the ending and moving on into new subject matter.

Sunny is suspicious of a Rhodes Scholar who can’t answer the most basic poli-sci questions, but Magnus brushes it off as petty jealousy. Instead Sunny wonders how someone graduating from prestigious Oxford with honors, knows nothing, even common information, about her school and blod.

Once more, Mancusi ends with a reveal that sets up the next book. There were some crazy vampire politics going on here manucsi Sunny and Magnus’s relationship greatly suffered because of it. There are some great new characters in this book and I especially like Jayden, a guy she meets while investigating the shady and would be co-ruler with Magnus, Jane.

Oxford graduates, miss smart-ass while she actually know nothing about Oxford. Meanwhile during the day Jayden and Sunny got to know each other and become close. But I actually didn’t really mind this one, I mean, Magnus was being a total jerk-face and Jayden was there for her, so yay. The ending didn’t make much sense so I look forward to the next manchsi to see how things can be resolved.

When I got back to my dads penhouse my new step-mom was trying to get me to like her.

I don’t think I really realised it un This instalment in the Blood Coven series has Sunny as the narrator, like the first book. Which is better anyway. This leads Sunny and Rayne on an adventure to Las Vegas where they investigate Jane, and in the process, discover much about her dad and his family. I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. Mancusi is very good at writing in a teenage voice. Both her and Rayne seemed to have a lot of freedom, but of course the book would not have been as interesting if the parents had been hovering about.


Ich hoffe einfach, dass die Autorin nicht noch mehr Fantasy Elemente in dieser Reihe einsetzt, da es sonst zu viele werden.

Usually these books are quick and easy to get through and Sunny is my favorite twin but for some reason I just couldn’t get into her character. Sunny is a human, but experienced a shock of her life when she was mistakenly bitten by Magnus 5 months previously, and nearly became a vampire herself.

They have to return to fairyland or else their gunna get killed. Copyright – Antoine Online – All rights reserved. Retrieved 4 February Another good one is check off my list. Doesnt that sound suppicious to you? He though he acts like a complete jerk she still follows to help him because she loves him and can stand to lose what she considers the best person in her life, not realizing that she has given up so much to be with him already her friends, her social life, her high school years.

The biggest worry in Sunny’s life at the moment is whether she should “go all the way” with Magnus. But when she got there rayne was surprisingly not there. This is the 5th book in the series and I’m still going strong.

Sunny is considered a hero to the Blood Coven and ends up in Dracula’s Revue with Jayden as the vampire playing a bit part of Mina, Van Helsing’s lover that gets bitten by Dracula. You know we suck peoples blood so dont tempt me?

But there is something off about Magnus’s soon-to-be blood mate I enjoyed the book very much but it did feel manccusi a bit of a build up book for the next installment.