We use an Ayurvedic technique called Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Diagnosis that accurately Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine and healing that has been . Nadi Pariksha is the ancient ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the pulse. It can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances as well. The significance of Nadi Pariksha is well understood and effectively used by Ayurveda practioners for assessing Tridoshas and various.

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Agurveda Pariksha is an ancient ayurvedic technique of diagnosing physical, mental and emotional imbalances through the pulse of the sufferer. This technique helps to get to the root cause of the disease and not just treat it according to the signs and symptoms that are being seen or felt. Great intellectuals, vaidyas and saints, like Sharangdhar Samhita, Shri Bhav Mishrji, Maharishi Kanada and many others, have contributed to the science of nadi.

It can range from therapeutic massages, personalised dietrigorous detoxification and exercise programmes. Nadi Pariksha is a natural way of diagnosis done by skilled and experienced professionals, without the use of complicated technological methods. According to the science, the pulse can reveal the mental and physical characteristics of a person. The vibratory frequency of a pulse at various levels on nadii radial artery is examined. Various functions in the body are discovered after reading the vibrations at seven different vertically downwards levels.

The signals are obtained from three points on the wrist pariskha the radial artery using the index, middle ayirveda ring finger. Contraction and relaxation of blood vessels and movement of blood through the arteries help in providing these signals.

Nadi Pariksha: Treatment, Procedure, Cost, Recovery, Side Effects And More

Nadi Pariksha will help you diagnose potential chronic diseases like diabetesinfertilityparalysishypertensionmental disorderssevere joint pains pqriksha skin diseases. The doctor will suggest precautions you must take to avoid such conditions. It could be a certain diet, exercise form, massage type or any other precaution. If you are going through continuous health issues, Nadi Pariksha will help you in finding out the root cause of your problems and will also be able to warn you about the potential health problems you may face.

Mild and ayurveva lived pains or troubles in different parts of the body can be cured by simple over the counter medications.

You need not go for more complicated procedures like Nadi Pariksha. You must follow the suggestions provided by your doctor in order to avoid the potential chronic diseases your body might naci through. The recovery time depends on the severity of your condition nai how far are you from the potential chronic disease. The cost of actual treatment will vary according to your condition and the remedies you choose to avoid the diagnosed potential diseases.

The results of the treatment may be permanent if you follow the health regimen prescribed by your doctor. It is necessary to do nadi pariksha in today’s scenario because no one knows about the ndai and source of disease in our body. So nadi pariksha is necessary for all. Nadi tarangini’s ultra sensitive sensors and advanced software give you precise nadi patterns and a high degree of accuracy.

Compare current nadi pattern with averaged healthy dosha patterns. What is nadi pariksha ayurvedic pulse Diagnosis Ayurveca is the most powerful diagnostic tool for Understanding the cause of any ailment or Disease in the human body.

How to Read Your Pulse | The Chopra Center

It is a part of our Vedic lineage and is passed on from guru to the Disciple depending on the spiritual evolution of the Disciple. How is the diagnosis navi In the normal course of our visit to a doctor, we Specify the ailments andi feel we are suffering From. Based on this preliminary information, the Doctor checks us up and if necessary, Ayurevda us to undergo further tests to Collaborate his understanding with what we have Told him.


He thus forms an understanding of the Symptoms. The nadi vidwan is not supposed to Know the details in advance as he should not get Influenced by the patient’s symptoms. Though The symptoms reveal the disease process, it is The cause ayyrveda the prevailing or persisting Symptoms that are more important.

Each cell in Our body possesses its own intelligence. It is the Communication of this intelligence in the form of Vibrations that is studied in nadi pariksha. Nadi Pariksha understands the vibratory frequency of The pulse at various levels on the radial artery.

Subtle vibrations are read at seven different levels Vertically downward that help in ascertaining Various functions in the body. The pulse, when Examined, reveals both physical and mental Characteristics of the pulse. This is interpreted in The form of symptoms along with their prognosis Which helps in understanding the cause.

Thus, Nadi pariksha forms the basis for addressing any Ailment in an individual. The nadii of the pulse reading depends on the Intuitive awareness of the individual and also the Ability to understand and interpret the subtlety of Vibrations. This sensitive awareness determines The success of nadi pariksha. The 5 elements or the ‘panchamahabhutas’ are Ether, air, fire, water and earth.

The 3 doshas or Humors of vata, pitta, and kapha come as a Combination of these 5 elements.

Each of these doshas have their Physical, mental, emotional and physiological Characteristics. What is revealed during the nadi Pariksha: Every aspect of the human organismthe body, Mind etc. Is understood during the pulse Diagnosis. Apart from understanding the cause of the Current ailments, the diagnosis tracks the disease Back to its origin.

Even subtler levels of causal Factors like emotional issues or specific thought Patterns of the individual, that manifest into Physical ailments subsequently are understood.

Nadi pariksha is undertaken to understand the Following aspects in an individual: Helps to ascertain one’s original constitution at The time of conception prakruti. This forms the Basis of deciding the basis and structure of the Individualized healing process.

Helps to understand one’s current constitution As against the original constitution vikruti. The diagnosis ascertains the deviation that the Hadi and mind have taken as compared to its Original constitution.

Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis) – A Traditional Diagnostic Approaches as per Ayurveda

Also, it enables one to Understand the prognosis of ailments that have Arisen during this transition from prakruti to Vikruti.

Nadi pariksha successfully tracks down the Altered state of the mind. This is very important As the science of ayurveda believes that a major Part of human ailments are psychosomatic in Nature. This is so because the only way the mind Can express itself is through the body. Therefore, The body works to a very large Extent according to the ayurvead of the mind.

The analysis at the doshas, the subtle entities of The psycho and physiological body. Any alteration in The doshas can lead to understanding of the Disease process.

Nadi Pariksha: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

The doshas like vata, pitta Kapha and their sub units help in understanding: The movement of energies and the working of the Nervous system, circulation as defined by the Pulsation of the heart, and the movement of Nutrition to various tissues in the body.

The metabolic process and the process of bio- Transformation in the body, which governs the Activities of digestion, absorption and assimilation Of nutrition. The assimilating and binding functions through The help of bodily fluids which includes the Proper and healthy formation of muscles, bones, Ligaments and tendons etc.


The study of the health of various types of tissues In the body like plasma, blood, muscle, marrowBone, nerve, and reproduction. The health of the chakras or the subtle energy Wheels in the body that corresponds to the glands In the physical body is ascertained.

Chakras Relate to and control certain physiological Processes in the body. Subsequent to doing the nadi pariksha, other Forms of examination are taken up.

This is done To cross-examine the correctness of the pulse Diagnosis. These various methods are parikhsa As under: Nails – the shape and size of nails reveal the Type of constitution a person belongs to.

For Example, small size nails with serrated edges basically bitten by a person due to anxiety or Nervousness signifies a vata nail. Pitta nails are Slightly larger in size with a slight curvature in the. It is caused due to the defect in the Gen-cytokines IL Usually the normal growth of the outer skin takes place in a cycle ayurvera days, but in this condition there is rapid growth of the outer skin within days instead ayurved the normal cycle of days.

Hence the outer skin which starts resembling yaurveda i. Ayurveea with this, it causes various other skin disorders ayurved Itchingswellingburning sensation, etc. Similarly if the skin constantly remains wet due to blood, pus, water then this condition can be really miserabledangerous and can also lead to a fatal condition. The patient suffering from this condition cannot even wear clothes over himself, cannot sit on sofas, mattress etc. During the night time the patient has to sleep on the fresh green leaves of Banana plant.

In such miserable circumstances the patient may even get depressed and may even think of committing suicide. This condition is extremely unbearable and this vicious cycle goes on for years together. This is ancient Indian tradition which Lord Mahavishnu gave the deep insights to Suryadeva. Its reference can be found in the future also when Lord Shri Krishna told his son Saambh to worship Surya Sunin which he described the entire scientific practice.

In this context he described 84 herbsall the various mineralo-herbs which absorb and store the ultraviolet rays of the sun. There is also description of medicine better than the one which is usually used for auto-immune diseases i. Till now, foreign experts have also not been able to do so. In today’s era also this work can be done by having the ancient principles as the foundation, which we have done successfully.

Every human being has a different genetic profile. After this, according to the patients genetic profile medicines are prepared. These medicines can be given in various forms and with various anupan i. The medicine is usually prescribed to be taken twice a day.

These medicines mainly work by bringing back to normal the cycle of skin formation back to days. All the above symptoms i. By continuous use of ayurvedaa medicine all the other symptoms also decrease. NOTE- These divine medicines are prepared according to Hindu-scientific methods, only those who believe agurveda the same may contact.

Ayurveda is an age old science, and has a potential to cure all kind of disorders or diseases or simply a detox of the body to keep apriksha healthy.

There are so many ayurvedic agurveda in Mumbai. How to figure out the best?