The Axiatonal Alignment brings in and activates these new golden lines allowing for the exchange of light and information and the reconnection of DNA strands. One of the first books that started to talk about the Axiatonal Lines was “The Book of Somehow we can reconnect or bring our grid lines system into a stronger. This Reconnection brings in “new” axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. These lines are part of a timeless.

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Example of these lines are reconstructed and shown in the Whole-Self Attunement Manual: Keys of Enoch are the most important source for reconstructions of these linesbut there is also one older source Polarity Therapy of Randolph Stone from forties and fiftieswhich uses some axiatonal healing and geometrical zigzag lines, notwithstanding that this earlier source is actually unaware of axiatonal grid.

We can use complicated system, similar to Indian Sriyantra symbol Aor cascading connection B:. Sometimes after my treatment, I feel almost giddy with joy. She is a spirit guide, a profound mentor of reconnection who strives to bring out the light that’s in us. Axiotonal lines are the equivalent of acupuncture meridians that can connect with the Oversoul and resonant start systems. Whole-Self Attunement Manual uses these horizontal lines: The Axiatonal energy is able to recharge the body and release negative emotional, mental and spiritual patterns.

Picture the Milky Way as the body of a living conscious being. This information tells reconnectikn that triangulation is an important tool for spiritual growth. This site uses cookies.

Axiatonal Alignment ~ The RECONNECTION

This explanation was taken from the book “What is Lightbody? It has been 2 weeks since my treatment.


It seems that triangulation has power of harmonizing and activating the energy flows. An Axiatonal Re-Alignment treatment consists of a simple and effective energy method that is used on the client. The Axiatonal lines are along traditional acupuncture meridians and feed into spin points that lie near the surface of the body. Practitioners Taking the Axiatonal Alignment Course: Axiatonal lines are worked on, to correct blockages and imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Allows you to become deeply relaxed and have a sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. History of Axiatonal Spirituality. The Axiotonal lines are made of Light and Sound. The Axial lines being the grid lines of the Universe, are part of a higher dimensional system which combine colours and sound, light and information. Triangulation symbolizes harmony, balance of yin and yang in motion, but at the same time connected triangulations provoke the zigzag flow of yin-yang energy flow, while the residual horizontal lines serves as balancing tool between yin and yang at the level of particular chakra could be also used for dan tians:.

Judy Steed, Pilates Instructor.

In General Search for J. J. Hurtak’s Axiatonal Lines | Vasunin blog

Marlene is a true healer. Other books have talked about the lay lines of the Earth, and the systems of grid lines on the Solar System and the Milky-Way.

At the conclusion, physically, I feel longer, taller, more in my body. HurtakRandolph Stone.

Picture by Alex Grey www. They are not within the scope of this paper. Through the axiotonal lines, a human body is directly reconnecyion by the Overself into a new body of Light.

Zigzag or diagonal lines could connect different chakras and body parts. Hurtak gives us one whole chapter on axiatonal lines with many descriptions and considerations. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.


Possible connected triangulations in this system are:. Some people use simplified models with only some centers included.

Somehow we can reconnect or bring our grid lines system into a stronger connection with the Universe – we can actually step forward into a new level of our Selves – a completely new level of healing, physically, emotionally, mentally; we can evolve as an ongoing process as we move forward. It’s a learning process.

Axiatonal Lines

All affective human experiences are body … read more This created brain atrophy, aging and death. Planet Earth and her inhabitants were separated from the galactic body and the Oversoul to play this game of separation, and are now being reconnected.

I would like to come to Feldenkrais classes. Using one approach or another, this can be pictured as it is shown in my reconstruction:. No one has ever said that aaxiatonal me before.

In General Search for J. J. Hurtak’s Axiatonal Lines

The Book of Knowledge: Eliminates old stuck behavioral patterns in your life. The treatment consists of three parts: Menu You are here Home. The Overself sends energy into the axiotonal line, which then goes into the spin points on the surface of the skin, feeding the physical acupuncture meridians and asiatonal the axial system.