One of the most problematic transmissions on the road today is AWSN Transmission. This transmission can be fitted to different vehicles from different. AWSN SN Automatic Transmission Overhaul Rebuild Frictions Steels Kit. Master Kit Including friction plates kit. steel plates kit. We have over To get an estimate on a rebuilt AWSN, click Get a Free Estimate. go to your local repair shop, they’ll order a remanufactured AWSN transmission, .

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Registration is free and fast. These sponsors keep MVS on the Web. AWSN woes-easy to repair? Car won’t go forward or backward.

The rebuold sound of a turbine from the transmission tells me the transmission pump is not getting fluid. There are no offered alternatives other than to get the transmission replaced or rebuilt with these symptoms. Many posters here have given up on their Volvos because of this exact symptom.

Can we reverse the aw55-50dn at the filter? Reuild took about 2 hours because it was often just a trickle and sometimes was not pumping at all I was using clear hose to drain and I could see that the fluid was struggling to get up the hose and into my container marked at 2 litres.

Fluid was filthy black at first. Temporarily unblocked I might add. Left it up on stands with engine running for another 30 minutes.

No strange whining noise present. Wheels were still turning with great strength against the brakes in Drive. Took it aw555-50sn a quick spin and was great. After a longer drive 2kms the noise re-appeared and the car slowed to a crawl. It is simply an in and out design slung low in the lowest reguild of the transmission where heavy sediment from friction surfaces can settle without contacting the valve body. If fluid can’t reach the outlet port of the filter, there is no flow of fluid through the valve body so nothing will work; no Drive or Reverse.

If somehow a solvent can be pumped through the transmission to clear the blockage in the filter perhaps the sediment can be removed??


However when the transmission is blocked nothing flows through; not even solvent. So do be able aw55-50ns start the process of a filter flush I must first unblock the filter with compressed air through a hose connected to the top aw55-50zn port zw55-50sn the radiator as I previously did above.

I don’t want this residue on the friction surfaces as it may not interact well with the transmission fluid. Parts Cleaner-the particular parts cleaner I look at smelled, felt and tasted like Kerosine that’s a joke of course. In fact the description was the same: Sounds like a major rip-off. Hydrocarbon based cleaner-this is basically the same stuff as fuel system cleaner.

It does the job of cleaning sediment from my sump after an oil drain.

Cost is high but worth it. It shifts dirt and grease without leaving any residue at all. It won’t melt plastics like turpentine and acetone can do. It’s safe around all the plastic connectors in the valve body of course.

The Sonnax ZIP KIT®

Once about litres is pumped out it will be replaced with transmission fluid and then gradually diluted with another drain from the upper cooling port. At first it seemed to come out aww55-50sn dirty however on the first drain it went straight into a dark oil container.

On the second drain I used my drain pan and I could see it was more or less clean. It really wasn’t bring out as much sediment as I’d hoped. The wheels still wouldn’t turn in drive while up on stands. So I blew compressed air in to the radiator port aw55-500sn a hose and aw55-50dn the wheels began to turn again.

This time I managed to drive for about 2kms and luckily returned to our home when the pressure was beginning to falter. Upon looking at the design and shape of the filter I can see why it’s hard to push the sediment out because of the upward design of the upper outlet spout on the filter.

Sediment can’t travel against rebuildd unless it’s caught in suspension with the fluid and this doesn’t happen in practice.

So to all the gurus who understand chemistry far better than I ever will: What liquid will attract heavy metallic particles and carry it away in a suspended form? Aw55-50wn this will lead to the cure!! Then once driving it clogged again.


I gave up after that and swapped the transmission out. I never thought about finding a solvent to cure the issue.

AWSN woes-easy to repair?

You have a great idea to try and dissolve the material clogging the filter. Perhaps if we can get some old material from a used transmission we could experiment with what would dissolve it. I do have my old transmission on the workbench. Been wanting to tear it apart – but never have the time. I especially wanted to see where that filter is housed. Also – Is their a spot that a high power magnet can be affixed that would capture the material?

It’s item 42 I know that once the case is split the filter comes right out. Even if it’s gram by gram I would rather do this than risk a rebuild with my hands. That’s the goal – remove the filter clog with the transmission still in the car.


I was thinking a super magnet on the housing after blowing out the filter thru the radiator. Would havr to be super strong magnet near the filter. Obviously a chemical to dissolve the clog is still best. I would think it would be lining material rather than metal? That’s going to be tough to get into solution without using aqua Regia acid, which may have undesirable side effects.

Pet ether would be a good rinsing solvent, HC based, no residue, and will evap fast. I would have to check seals and oring compatibility. I don’t believe a magnet is what you need.

Gebuild metallic residue was trapped on the magnets, which are in another location. In my honest opinion, if you don’t want to rebuild it, I’d just replace the filter, clean the magnets and put it back together without going deeper into the transmission.

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