Archy and Mehitabel [Don Marquis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This beloved illustrated classic tells the tale of Archy, a philosophical. Archy & Mehitabel i got acquainted with a parrot named pete recently who is an interesting bird pete says he used to belong to the fellow. It’s “archy” (he’s too small to hold down the shift key), poet, philosopher, moralist and futile worshipper of “mehitabel,” the alley cat. This bizarre, highly original.

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Primary menu Skip to primary content. Because he is only able to hit one key at a time, there is not punctuation or capital letters used in his prose.

The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel by Don Marquis

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The whole book is written in prose. Many editions are recognized by their iconic illustrations by George Herrimanthe creator of Krazy Kat. And then, as coherant cockroaches go, i am personally more likely to re-read this one than that heartbroken one Kafka gave us.

He wrote poems and stories and political rants. Archy is a cockroach with the soul of a poet, and Mehitabel is an alley cat with a celebrated past who claims she was Cleopatra in a previous life. White wrote in his introduction to The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabelit would kehitabel incorrect to conclude that, “because Don Marquis’s cockroach was incapable of operating the shift key of a typewriter, nobody else could operate it. Srchy typing cockroach and a cat; from the synopsis here: Channing was pregnant when the show was being cast.


In poems of varying length, Archy pithily describes his wee world, the main fixture of which is Mehitabel, a devil-may-care alley cat.

The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel

adn This bizarre, highly original musical takes us into the streets of the big city as archy tries hopelessly to bring the “toujours gai” mehitabel off the back fence and into a respectable home as a housecat. And thanks to Neil Gaiman for his gracious help and support!

One of his top five, in fact. The music and lyrics from the album were the basis of a short-lived loud and brassy Broadway musical titled Shinbone Alleystarring Eddie Bracken as Archy and Eartha Kitt as Mehitabel. Who’s setting the priorities? Was astonished to find Archy’s writings so philosophical.

Sep 29, Pages Buy.

Archy & Mehitabel | Music Theatre International

White’s workand still it managed to surpass my expectations. I believe its actually a collection of submissions to a paper or publication by Don Marquis. They comment on current events and the culture of the time in verse form. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Mar 22, Sue rated it it was amazing. The two of them shared a series of day-to-day adventures that made satiric commentary on daily life in the city during the s and s.

Sep 19, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: Versatile actors play the various urbane, non-human city dwellers that we encounter along the way, suggesting their animal characteristics without explicit costumes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you or someone you know would be interested in recording a video, please aand Batteiger by email at johnbatt at me.

There is definitely some social commentary, and its very funny. Mar 08, Alison added it.


Archy & Mehitabel

The Montreal indie rock band Parlovr features a song titled “Archy and Mehitabel” on its eponymous album. What Do We Care? Nov 07, Pages.

They comment on current mehhitabel and the culture of the time in verse form This is one of my favorite books. Here is his video: White’s introduction to it in a collection of E. The show, archy and mehitabelwas based on Archy’s writings and involved Culbert playing the characters of Archy and Mehitabel. Among the three Herriman dust jackets, one stands head and shoulders above the others. Here is the video: Illustrations by the irreplaceable George “Krazy Kat” Herriman only add to the greatness.

Wrchy Marquis’ other animal characters, Pete types his poetry at night on the author’s typewriter seldom capitalizing or using punctuation.

The Broadway show had been partly rewritten by an up-and-coming comic talent, Mel Brooks, and starred Bracken and Eartha Kitt. When I was a little kid we had two frogs in a terrarium: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Well, first ya gotta buy the concept, which is not entirely new. My vote would be for Dave Barry. One of the best gifts I got from mehiyabel grandmother was a subscription to Children’s Digest. Original written as columns for the “Sun Dial” newspaper Shakespeare to a Beat.

Jan 20, Deborah rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Just a mheitabel while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.