All characters from the Gaia setting of Anima: Beyond Fantasy go here. Empress Elisabetta Barbados The current sovereign of the Empire, Elisabetta is both . Anima: Beyond Fantasy (ABF) has an interesting setting. It doesn’t match your typical Tolkien fantasy setting. One of the big key points to bring. Anima Gate of Memories is an action RPG set in the Anima Beyond Fantasy world featuring a deep compelling story and exciting game play.

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He probably owes a lot of his success to being a descendent of the last King of the Solomon Empire. Utopia Justifies the Means: Nov 30, – Jan 14, 45 days. The High Queen Iron Woobie: Our teams consist of professionals with a wide body of knowledge aima the field of developing games of all types.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy by Carlos B. Garcia Aparicio

Ergo Mundus is the companion of The Bearer, as well as the character who takes the male protagonist role in the game.

Tropes Associated with Matthew Gaul: The basic mechanics involve attributes ratedskills rated from 0 ascending up to and beyond, and rolling a d and adding it to the skill to in order to beat a target number or compare it to a table animq determine results.

Basically, my impression is just that there are too many overcomplicated rules for what the game wants to accomplish. Conceived as a combination of Japanese and Western art, myth, and styles of play, Anima is a series of games that offer innovative rules and background that incorporate the most striking elements of both styles.


Psychic powers are invested in psychic matrices or powers. Although the English translation was originally slated for an August release, multiple release dates came and went without the game being released.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat That’s the only cover on the whole series not by Wen Yu-Li. There’s the Church as an instrument of control. Biorr rated it it was amazing Oct 01, At the points where the lives of The Messengers cross, the rooms blend into each other connecting the anuma dreamscapes together.

Some powers have precise numerical limits on what they can do and other are described in general terms. Tactics is a 32mm miniature game set in the Anima universe, produced and distributed by the U. After a long pursuit, crossing areas ravaged by war and misery, The Jsr and Ergo are able to corner the fugitive in the center of an ancient construction. Griever, The Destroyer of the Eternal Flames, is a living myth. Prince Lucanor Giovanni “I once hdr a dream Unlike most examples, she’s exactly that old.

The Heaven Order

Son of Baphomet, the last praetorian that guarded the Giovanni dynasty, Griever was trained to be the final weapon of humanity, a man that can face both gods or devils with his own hands. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.


Every member of ajima Knights of the Seventh Heaven are capable animaa defeating entire armies alone, without so much as a scratch. She has sealed most of her power and is usually not as powerful as she could be. Executive Producer and Moreā€¦ – For pledging at this exemplary level you will be featured in the credits as the Executive Producer. A requirement for all members of The Crows.

Several great Japanese illustrators, whose work has appeared in well-known videogames and animated series, have collaborated on the project together with European authors.

Tropes in Common between all members: Our first goal is to publish Gate of Memories on Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam, but there are also plans for console releases.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy

The game tells the story of The Bearer and Ergo, members of an ancient society called Nathaniel which for centuries has protected mankind from the darkness. However, before they are able to recover it, the whole area is swallowed by an abyss. It’s not actively terrible and it’s drawing from ani,a lot of the tropes I love, but that’s about all I can say for it.