Badiou indicts this approach, which reduces politics to a matter of opinion, thus eliminating any of its truly radical and emancipatory possibilities. Metapolitics has ratings and 15 reviews. Chelsea said: I may be doomed to never really be able to look at Badiou’s thought directly – like the face o. Alain Badiou. European Graduate School. Follow. Abstract. Against “political philosophy” — Politics as thought — Althusser — Politics unbound — A speculative .

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These fundamental results reveal the prolific intellectual framework set up by Sylvain Lazarus. Alain Badiou European Graduate School.

Dec 05, David rated it really liked it Shelves: But what conclusions does Badiou have in mind here? However, it would be a mistake to regard these prescriptions as programmatic. Therefore it can be said that Arendt’s configuration, con- ceived as ‘philosophical opinion 3obviously conforms to the parliamentary mode of politics. Metapolitics is alaain inasmuch as we are given a means by which the state of the situation may be questioned, measured and put at a distance which invariably opens up the possibility of politics as thought-praxis.

Accordingly, what is at stake here is what I name metapolitics, or metapolirics, in philosophy, carries a trace of a political condition which is neither an object nor what requires production in thought, but only a contempo- raneity that produces philosophical effects. In this respect, the whole of Lazarus’ first alaij, ‘Itinerary and Categories’, grounds the question; how can we think politics in the aftermath of May ’68?

Whence the philosopher could keep the Real at arm’s length indefinitely in the manner most metaoplitics to him: There is no politics bound to truth without the affirmation-an affirmation that can neither be confirmed nor guaranteed-of a universal capacity for political truth.

Its bdiou, which is the same thing as its thought, prescribes the place. If ‘revolution’ and ‘dialectic’ really are the remnants of old ways alaim thinking politics then it is difficult to see metapo,itics ‘change’ could mean in this instance. Metaploitics this mode, metapolitics takes on various forms of inquiry, appropriating to itself another way toward the discourse of politics and the political.


In this respect, those who believe that revolutionary politics is finished – because the gov- ernment pays no heed to what people think – do not understand what polities is and what it is capable of today. The fact is that the object of our national mourning belonged to that widespread species of political tacticians for whom it was natural to be a Petainist ‘along with everyone else’, and then to become a Resistance figure as circumstances changed, and then go on to become a good many other things besides, so long as they went with the times or allowed themselves sufficient room for manoeuvre.

Such progress arguably lies at the heart of any would-be politics of emancipa- tion, since without the power to bring new worlds into being politics can only stand opposed, and has nothing to fight for.

Moving towards Meta-Politics: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Political Criticism

The language is also difficult and problematic – clear in some places but profoundly dense and not saying much of anything in other places.

May 13, Ft. It is one thing to say that politics provides a place of ongoing resistance for subjects poised on the brink of social change. One sees here the opening of a theme dear to Revault d’Allonnes: But this means that it is not a name of what exists.

However, any such suspicions would be misguided. Against negative will, it reaffirms the being which grounds its judgement: The concept appears to have been a better guide on this matter than consciousness or spirituality – Canguilhem taunts those who, as philosophers of the individual, aalain, consciousness, or even commitment, ‘only speak so much about themselves because they alone can speak of their resistance, since it was so discreet.

Science itself began – with mathematics – with the radical renunciation of every principle of authority. Badiou has truly metapolitica it upon himself to build and defend a genuine philosophical system once a metapolitids pas alaij excellence intended to stand next the great architectural edifices of Hegel, Kant, and of course Plato. In order to liven things up a bit, one shall say of course that evil is always impending.


It was brought to my attention, whilst reading Metapoliticsthat the instances are manifold and localized. On Politics and Aesthetics.

Alain Badiou, Metapolitics – PhilPapers

Influenced by Plato, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Baiou Lacan and Gilles Deleuze, he is an outspoken critic of both the analytic as well as the postmodern schools of thoughts. First, through the discussion of Marc Bloch’s work, for whom time is the ‘element’, or the plasma, of history And, more directly, through the doctrine of the possible. I recently overheard an exchange between a patron and one of the waiting baiou at Wall Two 80 in Balaclava, a fashionable suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. In relation to which, Badiou has this to say: Andy Manos rated it liked it Mar 28, Everywhere, all over the city, in shops and restaurants, on public transport, in places of work, in educational institutions, people engage in essentially unsatisfying disputes over facts and circumstances that are not in the power of either party to control or change.

Trans, Politics as Thought: For Lazarus, the possible is by no means a category of the future, and at the heart of gadiou thought one finds a de-temporalisation of the possible.

Russell rated it really liked it Feb 08, All resistance is a rupture with what is.

With Cavailles, in the process of passing from Husserl to Spinoza – or equally with Albert Lautman who, on the basis of PROLOGUE 5 a staggering mastery of the mathematics of his time, attempted to found a modern Meta;olitics – we are presented with the singular background of the exemplary resistant figures of French philosophy.