It may be wondered why the words ‘Sufi’, which means ‘woollen-clothed’, and ‘ Tasawwuf’, which means the path of the Sufis, i.e. the woollen-clothed ones. Not many Sunni schools are sufi Actually the famous sufi groups and it the study of akhlak, some calls it Irfan(in Shi’a) and those who goes. Selain Kalbiyyun, ada golongan lain yang juga menganut metode akhlak di atas. Kaum Sufi juga banyak berbicara tentang kemuliaan dan kehormatan diri.

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Legal attempts at molding societal forces suggest that racial one-upmanship is overriding politics. He did not deny research in spiritualism done by Hindu, Buddhist and Christian scholars, and is emphatic that Muslims must not be left out in the spiritual realm.

The Bektashi Sufis Should Join the Kosova Sufi Union [BTK] :: Center for Islamic Pluralism

The use qkhlak Islam as a political tool in Malaysia is pervasive indeed. Theology and Sufi Theology] Rawang: In handling interreligious issues, he seemed to have discarded his caring outlook in favor of a pro-shariah line that was rearing its head in a narrowly legalist- cum-racialist manner. For each state, the specific name of such an institution could be different, but anx functions were broadly similar across states.

The banning was predicated on theological arguments which accorded with the conservative Wahhabi-Salafi doctrine. Log In Sign Up. Noordeen,pp. Politik Melayu dan Islam [Dr.


Such interracial communication is facilitated by proximity of residence. Winstedt, The Malays, pp. MDC Publishers Printers,p.

The Harabati Baba teqe has been almost completely usurped and vandalized by Wahhabi radicals, incited by the official Islamic Religious Community of the Republic of Macedonia IVZRM in a tragic example of fundamentalist pillage beginning in True communal integration, however, needs to be spiritually- rather than ideologically-based. Establish a foundation and a Sufi educational centre for this age. To overcome this, the need to reorient education towards akblak holistic education with value investment Sufism to draw closer to Allah through Islam amaliah amaliah-religious school.

Recent Trends and Challenges, ed. Penerbitan Minda Ikhwan,pp. Many of these Sabahan and Sarawakian natives are non-Muslims.

The Meaning of Tasawwuf

While Malaysia prides itself in being a plural society par excellence, plural- ism within the Islamic faith is expressly forbidden. See, for example, the emphases on defending the shariah at all costs, closely linked with protection of Malay rights, in recent keynote addresses of leaders of the Islamist movements: False paradigm that limits religious studies at the madrasah or pesantren institution alone, will slowly alienate public school students from the planting of faith and piety.

The former proclaimed that they could not work with tekijeor allow the recognition or adoption of statutes by dervish associations. Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad,p.


The Meaning of Tasawwuf

In Kosova, the Bektashi Sufis should unite with the BTK, for the achievement of their common devotional aims and protection against Islamist fanatics. Remember me on this computer. Fatimi, Islam Comes to Malaysia, ed. Cultural brokerage and mixed marriages were common facets of life in such trading cities.

The Bektashi Sufis Should Join the Kosova Sufi Union [BTK]

To emphasize, Baba Mumin Sufiism of the Baba Qazim Teqe in Gjakova has carried on the noble commitment of his predecessor and is a leading figure in Kosova religious life today. Yet the Bektashis are absent from the BTK. As quid pro quos, non-Malay demands for relaxed conditions for citizenship, the continued use of the English language in official matters for ten years and the preservation of the free market economy were fulfilled.

But the Sufi institutions did not come under the responsibility of the official religious directorate. Essentially a Saudi-derived reincarnation of Wahhabism, Salafism traces its roots to the reform movement initiated by the Egyptian modernist Muhammad Abduh d.

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia,pp. Mauzy, Politics and Government in Malaysia Vancouver: