Akai DPS12 Digital Personal Studio (part 2) The DPS12 supports both manual and automated punch in. This really needs some attention from Akai. The DPS12 is available with different options at different prices. The basic DPS12 V2 comes with no drives and no effects at $1, The manual is clear and sufficient? FR pages. in which plunges prcises only for questions or if you want to use functions “shoots”. SOUNDS – The A / D.

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Page 59 – Entering a time aksi in the counter Page 60 – Chapter 4: Digital Ping-pong Recording 1—10 signals into stereo and ping-pong record to physical tracks 11— Panning Delay g Chapter Mixer Function mixer Mode Refer to page 22, for informa- tion on how to format a disk. Not sure if this works or not??

When “2 Mono” Is Selected Assigning Input Signals and Virtual Tracks Follow the procedure below to assign input signals to tracks: Table Of Contents Chapter 2: The internal hard disk is a bit noisy but still works fine. Page 31 Chapter 1: The selected number appears in the upper right corner of the screen. The DPS12 enters Edit mode. At this time, make sure that the reverb effect unit outputs only the effect sound reverb sound. This is quite a large and complex beast so maybe not for someone who wants a quick to use portable recorder but if you are fed up with software recorders and wants something old school something you can actually touch this is a great recorder.


If you have an ear and a 12 DPS was all for a clean Submitted. While the DPS12 is playing, you can switch manuql input signals and track playback signals to monitor physical tracks that have their keys turned on. Page 10 Chapter When “stereo” Is Selected Chapter 6: Digital Eq i Table of contents Chapter 3: Pan Phaser i Only the internal effects section requires some head scratching, the rest is intuitive trs.


Parts And Functions If you turn the power on or off while a JAZ disk is inserted in the drive, the disk may be damaged and recorded data may be lost.

Fdback 0 — Adjusts the feedback amount.

Using the effects If maanual are using Insert effects on some channels during mixdown, you do not need to mix a dry sound and an effect sound, since the effect return signal includes a processed sound or a mixture of dry and effect sounds. In full working order. Not satisfied with those reviews?

Akai DPS12 Manuals

Ping Pong Delay g Sold AS IS for parts or repair. The following diagram shows a basic signal flow. HFdamp 20Hz — 20kHz Sets a frequency at which the higher range of the feedback sound is cut.

Xover Chorus g Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. I do not like the lack of auxiliary outputs.


Page 3 Use only a household AC power supply. Make sure that the transport section of the DPS12 is stopped. Request a new review.

All user reviews for the Akai DPS12

It is a standard plug I might be able to obtain. No reserve on this item, chance to get a digital multitrack on the cheap!

It has had home use only and has a couple of minor scuff marks on it. Formatting A Disk You may format a current disk using one of the following two methods: If the warranty is valid, AKAI will, without charge wkai parts or labor, either repair or replace the defective part s. Bei Bedarf gibt es eine Anleitung zum downloaden im Internet.

DPS File Repository

However, the DPS12 can handle only one Project at a time. Mixing Several Inputs Via Aux Table of contents Table Of Contents Using [to] Key And [from] Key Project Management project Mode Notes On Handling A Disk The sound is lgrement compress the limit can help. Log in Become a member. The type of signal output from each track varies depending on the status of the DPS12 and the status of the key for each track.