AILET Answer Key is generally required by the students who have written the AILET exam to check for their answers. The AILET Answer Key. Schools – AILET Analysis Reference of memory based questions asked in CLAT The CLAT paper came almost along the expected lines as. of the AILET (NLU Delhi) paper for the benefit of all our students. The reasoning based questions were mainly fromthe law of torts and.

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AILET 2013 Question Paper

In the questions based on Series, the candidates were asked to find the wrong term in the series. Old Stone Age There were about 3 – 4 questions each from Algebra and Number System. The level of difficulty of this paper was Easy-Moderate. These four questions were easy and should have been attempted.

Tap A can fill a tank in 10 hours and Papee B can fill it in 15 hours.

AILET 2013 Question Papers with Answer Key

A total of 30 questions were asked in this section. The entire section was dominated by Analytical Reasoning.

English The section was on expected lines. Students found few of the questions to be tricky as there were facts given but no Legal Principles were provided. One question was on family law. The five year plan of year was which 5 year plan: The space vehicle on which Chandrayan-I was launched. Constitution included one question on Fundamental Rights, and one on State. The questions were from areas such as Statement Assumption, Statement Conclusion, Strong and Weak Arguments, Assertion-Reason drawing conclusion from given statements one liner and three-four linersanalogy both vocab related as well as verbal logic related.


Vis a Vis- face to face or in relation to 3. The knowledge based questions were from areas including but not limited to Constitutional law, Law Commission, Treaties, Definitions from concepts of law etc.

The overall level of questions in this section was easy and an attempt of 24 to 26 questions can be considered as a good attempt.

It might have been prudent to leave the RC for the end as it can take away precious time. Series based questions were also present in good number. A few questions were from Blood Relation, Calendar and Directions. On which day did the Kumbh Mela Started?

China’s Wen Xia Yu It had a healthy mixture of Current Affairs and Static General Knowledge questions, with slightly more number of questions concerning Current Affairs.

Total number of medals won by India in London Olympics: Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple 8.

AILET Question Papers with Answer Key | AglaSem Admission

Reservations in promotions Bharat Ratna and other Padma awards were introduced in: A score of around 22 – 25 can be considered a good for this section. The meaning of Paleolithic age: The space vehicle on which Chandrayan-I was launched?

The questions based on reasoning were primarily from topics of Law of Torts including the concepts of vicarious liability, Strict Liability and Negligence, Law of Crimes including theft, abetment and criminal conspiracy, Constitutional Law. Overall, the section was easy albeit a lengthy one.


Indian Olympian Vijay Kumar is associated with which sport: Total number of questions asked was The passage was on the evolution of education and the questions were relatively easy as they could easily be answered by referring to the body of the passage.

The founder of Red Cross Society was?: As reported by the students, none of the option was There was one Reading Comprehension passage, followed by 10 questions, two of which were synonym-based.

There was also a Cloze test with 5 questions. Out of the thirty questions asked in this section, a major chunk of the questions were from Arrangement Based Problems. A score of would be good. Here,the series was like this: If the angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 3: The prevailing fashion or style.

The allotted time was more than enough and most students had time left over.

The relics of Buddha were transferred to which Country? Most of the questions were straightforward and required application of the basic concepts to arrive at the correct answer.

Baglihar Dam is located at which river? The comprehensive LST course covered almost every question type that appeared in the exam. The section saw a Reading Comprehension passage of about words with 7 questions. Hugo Chavez was the President of which country?