The STA file type is primarily associated with ‘Abaqus/CAE’ by Dassault Systèmes. Abaqus/CAE is a complete solution for Abaqus finite element modeling. The ODB file type is primarily associated with ‘OpenOffice/StarOffice’ by Sun ABAQUS (File) by ABAQUS, , Inc. is a provider of software for. It should open a window, choose the filetype as “Abaqus input file,.inp”. The window should now display all the input files in the working directory. Select your .

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The part file is required for restart, import, sequentially coupled thermal-stress analysis, symmetric model generation, and underwater shock analysis, even if the model is not defined tiletype terms of an assembly of part instances. It is written when the input file is parametrized. You must create this type of file to define a parametric study.

This file is used to store part and assembly information and is created even if the input file does not contain an assembly definition. This is a temporary scratch file that is used to store the eigenvectors calculated by the Lanczos eigensolver during the solution procedure.

In such a case a process identifier is attached to the file name. It is written by the analysisdatacheckparametercheckand continue options. It is written abaus symmetric model generation by the datacheck abaquus analysis options.


It is deleted automatically when the output database file is closed or when the analysis that creates it ends. The abaqus procedure generates several files. It is written by the analysis and datacheck options and is read by the analysis and continue options.

File Extension Seeker

It is read by any restarted analysis. It is read when the analysisfioetypeand parametercheck options are selected. It is read and can be written by the analysis and continue options.

The ASCII format is convenient for data transfer between machines that do not have compatible binary data formats. It is written by the analysiscontinueand recover options.

STA File Extension – What is it? How to open an STA file?

It is read by the convert and recover options. This section describes the files that are created by Abaqus. Other files contain analysis, postprocessing, and translation results and are retained for use by other analysis options, restarting, or postprocessing.

It is written by the analysis and datacheck options. This is a temporary scratch file that is used to hold temporary information required by the Lanczos solver.

It stores a set of internal identifiers for the degrees of freedom in a model.


Importing Parts into Abaqus/CAE

The uft file is created only when the unsymmetric solver is used. This is a temporary file that is used by the sparse solver. This file may also be needed for submodeling analysis. It is read by the analysiscontinueand recover options.

This file is required for fietype.

Abaqus writes increment summaries to this file in the analysiscontinueand recover options. Certain file extensions used by Abaqus are also used by other software applications. Some of these files exist only while Abaqus is executing and are deleted when a run completes. This file is written whenever an output database file is opened with write access; it prevents you from having simultaneous write permission to the output database from multiple sources.

Abaqus Analysis User’s Manual. The restart file is written by the analysisdatacheckand continue options. You must handle any file extension conflicts with other applications.

This is a temporary scratch file that is used to store the Lanczos vectors and weighted Lanczos vectors. It is written by abaqqus datacheck option.